I'm On the Phone

I have a Cingular cell phone account. My wife has an AT&T cell phone account, but AT&T is owned by Cingular. I want to combine these onto a single bill.

I call Cingular Migration. They tell me I have to call AT&T Customer Care first.

AT&T Customer Care tells me they have to transfer the bill paying responsibility from my wife to me. I have to call AT&T Credit.

AT&T Credit process a credit check on me (even though the whole goal is to get rid of AT&T) and open an AT&T account in my name.

Now I call AT&T Customer Care and can transfer the phone number over to Cingular.

I call Cingular Migration and I want my company discount to get a new phone. I have to call Cingular Business instead.

I call Cingular Business who are happy to sell me a cheap phone with my business discount. I have to put my wife’s phone on an individual call plan because I don’t yet have a family plan. When I get the phone in 3-5 days, I will have to call the Cingular Activation Line.

Now I have both phone numbers on the same bill, but 2 individual plans. I call Cingular Customer Care so I can change the 2 separate individual cell phone plans into a combined family plan.

So far, I’ve been on the phone for an hour and 25 minutes.

Wait, this Cingular representative says I can’t combine the two phones into a single family plan until I activate the new phone, but that phone doesn’t arrive for another 3-5 days. And although I can get a business discount on my phone, there is no business discount on any family plans.

An hour and 40 minutes. I’ll have to call back. 😦

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