Evolving Tactics

Diversity. Inclusion. OpinionJournal makes the point that conservatives are using tools normally reserved for liberals:

But on a variety of fronts conservatives are using arguments and tactics heretofore under patent protection by the left, including pushing for activist judges (with four decades of liberal jurisprudence on the books, the left’s best hope is judges who respect precedent above all), using federal dollars to build political constituencies, filing lawsuits, launching boycotts, and arguing for free speech and “diversity” in education. The last has drawn a surprising amount of attention lately with a debate over evolution and “intelligent design”–the hypothesis that evolution isn’t random but rather the mechanism an intelligent being uses to change the universe.

President Bush pushed this debate well into the public spotlight by remarking that intelligent design should be taught in addition to random evolution. Whatever the merits of this debate, it’s interesting that the “religious right” is co-opting the arguments of the left. With “diversity” a worthy goal in education, why not present students with “both sides”? That way no one is left out and everyone is included.

The question alone has to be infuriating for the left.

Hey, it’s all in the name of diversity, right? If Colorado University professor Ward Churchill can call the 9/11 victims to Nazis in the name of his diverse viewpoints, how can one oppose discussing Intelligent Design?

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