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God bless Joellen Murphy for her ministry. Joellen Murphy is putting together a campaign to counter atheist messages at Christmastime.

Atheists in the nation’s capitol have been campaigning to get Americans to doubt God’s existence this Christmas, but one Christian woman is standing up against their efforts.

Joellen Murphy had been praying for a chance to evangelize when she received an email about atheist advertisements showing up on the sides of metro buses in Washington.

God loves you
God loves you

Visit her website at Ibelievetoo.org for complete details.

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Holiday Culture Wars

Beliefnet has setup a “Holiday Culture Wars Blog” that makes for some interesting reading. From a Christian perspective, they’ve highlighted television shows with sexually-explicit lyrics set to Christmas music, obscene art that is “rife with Christmas-themed debauchery,” and how Christmas has become so secularized to the point where atheists “unhesitatingly wish everyone a Merry Christmas.”

Disclaimer: First, Beliefnet is not a Christian website, it’s designed for all beliefs, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Atheism. Also, the “Holiday Culture Wars Blog” isn’t actually a blog, either; there’s no discussion, no author listed, no RSS feed, no nothing. It’s more of a running series of news articles. Still, it makes for interesting reading.

Regularly Scheduled Programming Resumes

I’m back; let the fun and games continue. 🙂

Yes, I had a wonderful honeymoon at home. We swam in the pool, caught some movies, started moving Diane’s clothes and furniture in. And this morning, I had a wonderful fruit and yogurt breakfast waiting for me when I woke up.

I see y’all have been busy in the comment section; I’ll try to get to them soon. But I’ll summarize my position here: a) smart people believe in Christ, too, and b) if there was going to be one enforced viewpoint in our American society, it would be Christian, not atheism, based on sheer numbers of Americans with faith. Atheists should be careful not to encourage a theocracy of *their* beliefs, too.

I haven’t read the news in a week, so I’ll just summarize my positions here: Democrats calling American soldiers “Nazis” is bad, the weather is hot, and taking vacation is a whole lot more fun than working. 😛

Religious Wars

A recent poster wrote:

I am not sure I buy the claim that atheism is in decline, and I certainly question the statement that it is losing its scientific basis. Religious belief has no scientific evidence to support it and a long and bloody history of violence, cruelty, and intolerance.

If you don’t “buy that atheism is in decline,” then you didn’t read the study I quoted now, did you? Atheism is declining, paganism is on the rise according to the studies. If you have something besides an unsubstantiated opinion that atheism is increasing, you haven’t presented it.

Your contention that religious belief has no scientific basis overlooks the Christian Nobel Physicist winner I posted about last week who claims just the opposite. If you have knowledge about science and religion that transcends that of a Nobel Prize winner, you haven’t presented that, either.

Likewise your contention that religious belief is somehow responsible for violence, cruelty and intolerance overlooks roughly 180 million dead in the 20th century by secular governments. Stalin closed 48,000 churches and killed 40 million people. Mao Tse Tung killed 72 million people in the Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution. The Communist takeover of Cambodia in 1975 killed 3 million people. The conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Cuba, Zimbabwe lead to millions of dead at the hands of secular governments.

I am not saying that wars have never been fought in the name of religion, just pointing out that if you’re choosing to believe in secular humanism because of the number of people that die in the name of religion, then perhaps you are not objectively looking at why people die in conflicts.

Christianity teaches us to love God with all our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves. That’s hardly the message of “violence, cruelty, and intolerance” that you believe it is. Christ is love.

Atheism in Decline Worldwide

God not so dead: Atheism in decline worldwide


Gurat, France – There seems to be a growing consensus around the globe that godlessness is in trouble.

“Atheism as a theoretical position is in decline worldwide,” Munich theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg told United Press International Tuesday.
Two developments are plaguing atheism these days. One is that it appears to be losing its scientific underpinnings. The other is the historical experience of hundreds of millions of people worldwide that atheists are in no position to claim the moral high ground.

Writes Turkish philosopher Harun Yahya, “Atheism, which people have tried to for hundreds of years as ‘the ways of reason and science,’ is proving to be mere irrationality and ignorance.”

Other information of note is former atheist Andrew Flew embracing “Intelligent Design” when it became apparent that a single cell could not possibly carry more data than the Encyclopedia Britannica, studies at Harvard and Duke that prayer has a major impact in recovery from illness, and a realization that atheism has “just as many frauds, psychopaths, and careerists as religion does.”

And finally, atheism is simply … uninteresting. Paganism seems to be on the rise, taking the place of atheism.