Ronnie Earle vs. Tom Delay

Now, in the Ronnie Earle vs. Tom DeLay, Earle’s playing dirty. My prediction is that it will cost Earle his job eventually.

This “playing hardball” tactic is going to backfire on Earle eventually. It always does. DeLay hasn’t been convicted (almost wasn’t even indicted until Earle shopped for a more sympathetic grand jury), and DeLay is still a United States Senator and should be treated with respect. Earle’s trying to get a photo op by arresting DeLay, booking him and fingerprinting him.

It’s not like nobody knows who DeLay is or that DeLay might run. I suspect the two Secret Service agents following him around know where DeLay is.

And if you’re a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth liberal that wants to see DeLay embarrassed as much as possible, consider the reversal: would you have also supported booking Bill Clinton, fingerprinting him and taking a mug shot when Republicans were after him?

Ill Wind May Not Blow to the Whitehouse

Will Hurricane Katrina spell the end of George Bush’s Presidency? Almost certainly yes, with a few caveats. 😛

As the full horror of Hurricane Katrina sinks in, thousands of desperate columnists are asking if this is the end of George Bush’s presidency. The answer is almost certainly yes, provided that every copy of the US Constitution was destroyed in the storm. Otherwise President Bush will remain in office until noon on January 20th, 2009, as required by the 20th Amendment, after which he is barred from seeking a third term anyway under the 22nd Amendment.

As the full horror of this sinks in, thousands of desperate columnists are asking if the entire political agenda of George Bush’s second term will not still be damaged in some terribly satisfying way.

The answer is almost certainly yes, provided that the entire political agenda of George Bush’s second term consists of repealing the 22nd Amendment. Otherwise, with a clear Republican majority in both Houses of Congress, he can carry on doing pretty much whatever he likes.

As the full horror of this sinks in, thousands of desperate columnists are asking if the Republican Party itself will now suffer a setback at the congressional mid-term elections next November.

The answer is almost certainly yes, provided that people outside the disaster zone punish their local representatives for events elsewhere a year previously, both beyond their control and outside their remit, while people inside the disaster zone reward their local representatives for an ongoing calamity they were supposed to prevent. Otherwise, the Democratic Party will suffer a setback at the next congressional election.

As the full horror of this sinks in, thousands of desperate columnists are asking if an official inquiry will shift the blame for poor planning and inadequate flood defences on to the White House. The answer is almost certainly yes, provided nobody admits that emergency planning is largely the responsibility of city and state agencies, and nobody notices that the main levee which broke was the only levee recently modernised with federal funds. Otherwise, an official inquiry will pin most of the blame on the notoriously corrupt and incompetent local governments of New Orleans and Louisiana.

As the full horror of this sinks in, thousands of desperate columnists are asking if George Bush contributed to the death toll by sending so many national guard units to Iraq.

The answer is almost certainly yes, provided nobody recalls that those same columnists have spent the past two years blaming George Bush for another death toll by not sending enough national guard units to Iraq. Otherwise, people might wonder why they have never previously read a single article advocating large-scale military redeployment during the Caribbean hurricane season.

As the full horror of this sinks in, thousands of desperate columnist are asking how a civilised city can descend into anarchy.

The answer is that only a civilised city can descend into anarchy.

As the full horror of this sinks in, thousands of desperate columnists are asking if George Bush should be held responsible for the terrible poverty in the southern states revealed by the flooding.

The answer is almost certainly yes, provided nobody holds Bill Clinton responsible for making Mississippi the poorest state in the union throughout his entire term as president, or for making Arkansas the second-poorest state in the union throughout his entire term as governor. Otherwise, people might suspect that it is a bit more complicated than that.

As the full horror of this sinks in, thousands of desperate columnists are asking if George Bush should not be concerned by accusations of racism against the federal government.

The answer is almost certainly yes, provided nobody remembers that Jesse Jackson once called New York “Hymietown” and everybody thinks Condoleezza Rice went shopping for shoes when the hurricane struck because she cannot stand black people.

Otherwise sensible Americans of all races will be more concerned by trite, cynical and dangerous political opportunism.

As the full horror of that sinks in, this columnist is simply glad that everybody cares.

* From a tip from Right Voices and Slugger O’Toole. Original article by Newton Emerson in the Irish Times.

A Liberal Media

I have trouble sympathizing with Bill Clinton. 😛

WASHINGTON (AP) – Former President Clinton, defending his senator-wife’s statements on abortion, said Wednesday that Democrats are held to a double standard.

The comment came during remarks to Campus Progress, a left-leaning student group. He said young people in his party should speak directly to conservative voters.

He contended that Republicans have defined the abortion debate in a way that boxes in Democrats.

“So for example, if you’re a Democrat and you have sort of normal impulses, you’re a sellout, like when Hillary said abortion is a tragedy for virtually everybody who undergoes it, we ought to do all we can to reduce abortion,” Clinton said.

“All of a sudden,” he continued, the media began asking, “’Is she selling out? Is she abandoning her principles?’ But if John McCain, who’s pro-life, works with Hillary on global warming, he’s a man of principle moving to the middle.”

“It’s nuts,” the former president said.

If you lean right, you’ve known this for a long time – the liberal media applauds lefties, condemns righties. If you’re a righty moving to the center, yippee! But if you’re a lefty moving toward the center – even if you end up at the same position as the righty moving to the left – then boo, hiss.

I expected the media to hold its collective nose and pretend Hillary wasn’t trying to move to the right in preparation for a 2008 run for President, but it doesn’t appear the media is going to let her.

Rolling Stone on

Rolling Stone points out the’s far left agenda hurts the Democrats more than it helps:

They signed up 500,000 supporters with an Internet petition — but Bill Clinton still got impeached. They organized 6,000 candlelight vigils worldwide — but the U.S. still invaded Iraq. They raised $60 million from 500,000 donors to air countless ads and get out the vote in the battle-ground states — but George Bush still whupped John Kerry. A gambler with a string of bets this bad might call it a night. But just keeps doubling down.

Actually, I think most conservatives appreciate It acts like a magnet for left-wing loonies, sucking them into a liberal blob of incoherent, angry rhetoric. Republicans appreciate them because it fractures the Democrats in half, leaving the centrist Democrats choosing between supporting the Republicans or joining hands with the loony ones.

Right now, MoveOn is spending $500,000 dollars opposing Bush’s Social Security reforms. Why? As far as I can tell, only because Bush proposed them. A better use of money would be to air ads that proposes changes to Social Security that MoveOn wants, but that would require them to come up with ideas instead of just opposition. So not only is Social Security broke, MoveOn wants it to stay broke. That’s the message I’m getting from MoveOn.

Now that Howard Dean has been named chair of the Democratic National Committee — an ascension that MoveOn helped to engineer — the Internet activist group is placing another high-stakes wager. It’s betting that its 3 million grass-roots revolutionaries can seize the reins of the party and establish the group as a lasting political force. “It’s our Party,” MoveOn’s twenty-four-year-old executive director, Eli Pariser, declared in an e-mail. “We bought it, we own it and we’re going to take it back.” The group’s new goal is sweeping in its ambition: To make 2006 a watershed year for liberal Democrats in Congress, in the same way that Newt Gingrich led a Republican revolution in 1994.

Heh. They might make blue states bluer, but they’re alienating red states, making them redder. And since population trends are giving red states more electoral votes, MoveOn is effectively gutting the Democratic party, ensuring they’ll stay the minority.

We’ll see what 2006 brings, but my instinct tells me that the Republican Senate will end up with more than the 55 votes they have now.

Offensive Sacrilege

Via Pamibe comes an article about as offensive as the left can be.

I always wonder this about the extreme left: they preach Political Correctness (PC) everywhere. Can’t say this cuz it offends group A. Can’t say that, cuz it offends group B. I know I’m allowed to call myself white, but if you’re another race, I have no idea what’s allowed anymore. But these leftist extremists have absolutely no qualms about offending conservative Christians. None. Anything offensive, like a portrait of the Virgin Mary painted with dung, is done in the name of Freedom of Expression.

They’re at it again. Tell me which of these two new creations you think are more sensitive, more PC:


The lying adulterer Bill Clinton’s head on the body of Jesus Christ (available on t-shirts, coffee mugs, or lunchboxes), or


a bib for babies that says, “I (heart) abortion)”.

So much of American domestic and foreign policy is created from a Christian morality-based standpoint, and that is what offends so many people who are not Christian.

And it’s been this way since the Mayflower landed and these people are just now figuring out that this country has a “Christian morality-based standpoint?”

I respect the right of a Muslim, Hindu, Taoist, athiest, secular humanist, pagan, or whatever to believe whatever they want. I used to joke as a kid that I believed in Whammoism, that when you died your soul turned into a Frisbee and got stuck on the roof. Whatever you want to believe, really. I also happen to think you’re missing out on the joys of Christianity and given the opportunity will be happy to share my beliefs with you, but ultimately it’s your choice.

And I’ll respect your right by not making fun of reincarnation, enlightenment, mandatory vegetarianism, or whatever beliefs you may have. I’ll draw the line at Muslim extremism that advocated blowing up children, but other than that, sacrifice as many goats as you want. Christians don’t win many converts when we belittle others; we win believers when we live by example.

Your may think your Bill Clinton sacrilege or your celebration of the loss of pre-infant life is funny, but it’s offensive to Christians.

Your hypocracy of demanding PC and simultaneously the right to be offensive is appalling.

Democratic National Convention

This just in: John Kerry plans to accept the nomination. *zzzzz*

I’ve barely discussed the Democratic National Convention. And do you know why?

That’s right. It’s B-O-R-I-N-G. The only thing remotely interesting was Teresa Heinz telling a reporter to shove it. I was hoping for something interesting to happen:

  • John Kerry announces a new “Principles for Money” campaign. If you feel strongly about an issues, John Kerry will espouse your view for significant campaign contribution.
  • John Edwards calls the Democrats the “Party of Hope.” Why? “Because I hope we win, you idiot,” Edwards replies.
  • John Kerry announces a key platform of his campaign, “Clowns Need Love, Too.” Kerry blames the small clown cars on a failed Bush policy of “No Clown Left Behind” even though spending on clowns have increased 60% under George Bush. Kerry promises to replace the itty bitty clown cars with larger cars from Renault with safety airbags.
  • Barnum and Baily Circus announce they’re now a 527 corporation. Renault, too.
  • Teresa Heinz takes offense at being called “a safety airbag”.
  • Kerry says he’ll never cross a picket line. A reporter asks, “What about the Boston police officers picket line outside?” Kerry claims, “That’s not really a picket line. It’s more of a, um… congo line.”
  • The Secret Service surround the buffet and ask Michael Moore to step away for safety of the delegates.
  • Kerry declares France to be the 51st US state and promises new goverment-subsidized caviar. “But not the good stuff,” Teresa corrects.
  • Kofi Anan agrees to find Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq if the Democrats win.
  • The “Oil-for-Food” program becomes the 52nd US state.
  • Teresa Heinz agrees to stop calling the Democrats “putrid.” “That was before I knew I might become First Lady,” she explains.
  • Due to pressure from disparate liberal groups, the Democratic Party Changes their name to the Gay & Lesbian Communist & Socialist House of Waffles. The new party will oppose gay marriages until a court says otherwise, will oppose any war a year after the war starts, will turn all mansions into homeless shelters unless you’re a Kerry or Edwards any of their friends (who are *not* rich, by the way, not like those nasty Republicans), and promise to appoint judges that reflect American family values as long as they only favor abortion and gay marriages.
  • A parade of people that have lost their jobs under the Bush Adminstration give speeches: Whoopi Goldberg, Linda Ronstadt, Al Gore and the Dixie Chicks.
  • It is revealed that John Kerry never actually served in Vietnam, that all of the war footage was actually filmed by a young collegiate Steven Spielberg for an “Earnest Goes to War” movie.
  • Hillary Clinton addresses the convention delegates and says, “I don’t understand what women see in Bill. He has a tiny Presidential weenie.” Stunned, delegates look for Bill’s reaction, but both Bill Clinton and John Kerry’s daughter are nowhere to be found.
  • John Kerry and John Edwards announce that they’re getting married since it’s legal in Boston and vow to wage an assault against narrow-minded homophobic monogomists.
  • John Kerry admits that at least one of his purple hearts was for a hangnail. “But it was a really bad hangnail,” Kerry says.
  • After serious discussions with PETA, John Kerry and John Edwards agree to marry their dogs, too.

Sadly, none of these events happened, and it’s difficult to get excited about vague “Make America stronger” and “Let’s Bring America Together” speeches. What’s that supposed to mean? I dunno. *zzzzzz*