Pink and Green

First, some background about the way I select my clothes in the morning. I generally put the freshly laundered clothes on the left side of the closet, and select clothes to wear from the right side. I suspect women select their clothes based on mood, impression, temperature, moon phase, and other factors I can’t deduce, but I’m a simple, partially colorblind engineer that needs a system so I don’t wear the same thing every day.

I select my pants first because there are fewer pants. I’ll then have a wider selection of shirts to choose from, whereas choosing a shirt first may force me to wear the same pants (black slacks) multiple days in a row. Once I have the pants, I choose a shirt that matches. Maybe. See, I’m a partially colorblind engineer, and I’m not always sure of the colors I’m choosing, nor whether the combination actually matches.

This morning, I selected a pair of slacks that are not brown. I know this because I wore these pants for a few years with brown shoes and a brown belt before my sweet wife, who fortunately is asleep when I’m dressed and leaving the house and not subject to my wardrobe infliction, noticed my combination and informed me the pants were actually green.

At least, I think it was these pants. It might have been a different pair she was referring to, but none of the other pants look brown to me. So I think I’ve selected green slacks.

Then the trick is to select a shirt that goes with the pants. I’m not really sure what goes with green. When I wear blue slacks, I know blue shirts go with them, unless they’re the wrong sort of blue. I don’t know what sort of blue that is, but I know those sorts of blues are in my closet. I don’t have any green shirts. At least, I don’t think I do.

So then the trick is to select a shirt that is least likely to clash with green. I have a pink oxford button down shirt. I know I can wear this shirt with black pants, and I suspect it’s ok to wear it with blue pants. Is it ok to wear it with green pants? What if the green pants are actually brown after all? Brown and pink sounds like a horrid combination, though whether it also looks horrid is beyond my powers of observations.

I elected to wear the pink shirt anyway because 1) it was coming up in the rotation, having journeyed from left to right in the closet, and I was going to wear it in th near future, 2) I don’t know what goes with green, and 3) I’m pretty sure red and green go together in a Christmasy sort of way, pink is basically red but faded, and being February, so has Christmas.

And now you know why I’m wearing pink and green today.

At least, I think I am.

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Colorblind World

Being a colorblind engineer is tough. Not on me, though, even though I’m a colorblind engineer. Tough on those around me. Here’s an example.

In my kitchen, I have black wrought iron chairs and a granite kitchen countertop. Over the years, I’ve noticed the backs of the chairs where they touch the granite have become worn; the black is less black and more gray. The paint has worn off exposing the metal underneath.

The engineer in me comes up with a solution – I’ll go buy black felt sticky squares and put them over the worn spots. The felt pads are small and thin, will be less noticeable than the exposed gray metal, and will protect the chair and the granite. Off I go to Home Depot to make my purchase and put my plan into action.

So I’m standing in the kitchen, putting the aforementioned plan into action, when the Sweet Wife looks at me. I don’t recognize this look. Bemusement? Horror? She says, “What are you doing?”

So I explain my aforementioned plan and how it will protect the chairs and the granite an how I bought these black felt sticky squares to …

“But those aren’t black,” she says. “They’re green.”

Oh. Well, that was unexpected.

“Bless your heart,” she says. “It must be terrible living in a colorblind world.”

“Oh, not at all,” I reply. “In my world, everything matches. Apparently, though, it stresses out everybody else.”

Better Background, But Not By Much

I spent the first couple of hours tonight trying to get WordPress up so I could see if I like it. I started at, switched to, and now I wonder why I need I should be able to bypass any 3rd party blog host and post directly on Chasing the Wind. Since I know -0- php and have only vaguely heard of a mysql database, I didn’t get far tonight. The GoDaddy tech support guys were helpful in a “I’m pretty sure we support php” kind of way.

Before I did that, though, my Zonealarm firewall automatically updated and locked my computer up. I don’t know what they did in this version, but it isn’t working. I reverted back to a previous install.

Then I played with background ideas; I think I’m going to leave this one up tonight. I think it’s better than the ALL SWIRL ALL THE TIME CALL NOW OPERATORS ARE STANDING BY noisy background, but the left margin isn’t right, I don’t need that vertical lavendar line anymore, and I’m not sure I care for the Date/Message Title being outside of the box. Maybe I’ll bring the title inside the box, and leave the date outside the box. I dunno.

The box itself looked too dull with a solid background, so I tossed a light sunburst on the background and clipped off the sun. I tried to make it as mellow as I could. Miss Vox might pop back in here and indicate that the new design looks like a colorblind engineer worked on it. She’d be right, too.

It’s a big week this week, so I can’t be staying up too late. I’m busy at work with several big deadlines looming over the next 4 weeks, and my son graduates from high school this weekend. That’s something I’ve tried to avoid thinking about – it gives me the melancholies thinking that a) he’ll be off to college in 2-1/2 months, b) the townhome will be way too quiet then, and c) I must be getting older if I have a son in college. I can’t stay in denial much longer, though, I have some preparations to do before the weekend.