Nothing to See, Move Along

Taking some time off of blogging this weekend. Headed to my niece’s high school graduation and spending time with family.

If there’s a new post before Tuesday, I didn’t do it. 😛


Cookie Girls Rescued

The dastardly cookie girls I wrote about last week have been rescued by a radio station:

Radio station KOA-AM of Denver raised more than $1,900 from listeners Friday to pay the girls’ $930.78 fine. The rest of the money will go to a charity dedicated to victims of the Columbine High School massacre.

Meanwhile, Richard Ostergaard, father of Taylor, got a restraining order against Young’s husband, Herb, in county court, claiming he continues to make harassing telephone calls to the Ostergaard residence.

Wanita Young said, “This has turned into quite a fiasco. It’s something that never should have happened and it’s just devastating. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing. My life has been threatened and I’ll probably have to move out of town.”

While it’s regrettable that her life has been threatened, I suspect she’ll be hard-pressed to find a town that doesn’t have some cookie-totin’ girly do-gooder in it somewhere.

Lost Lions and Ambush Dining

Ok, I’m evil. I really, really, try to be good. In fact, I think a cornerstone of my faith depends on it. But every once in a while I get this idea…

I sent the following email to the “Lost Lions,” four of us that were once close high school friends and have recently reunionized ourselves. I just made up that word, “reunionized.” I like it; I think I’ll keep it.

Greets, Leones Perdidos. Our next adventure will involve “ambush dining.” Imagine four old, er, I mean mature high school friends getting together for dinner… and the manager is a fifth high school friend. Ambush dining, fun and games. It’ll involve a drive for all of us because wouldn’t you know Paul lives and works about as far away from all of us as he can get in the Champion area.

So it’ll have to be a Saturday night to accomodate the driving. This Saturday (9/25), if I recall correctly, is his birthday. Can we all be available for dinner Saturday night?

The Lost Lions are Lori, Sean, Jo, and myself. Paul was our fifth back then, but for a variety of reasons we suspected he melted his brains with chemicals and suddenly wanted nothing to do with the rest of us. Sean and I made a few feeble attempts to meet up with him over the years, but Paul deftly avoided us each time. He won’t be able to avoid us if we’re all sitting together at a table in the restaurant he manages, will he?

And it just dawned on me that it’s his birthday this weekend. This should be fun. And I say that in the most innocent, innocent of ways. 😛

Cutting Another String

Today is a big day – my son is heading off to a 2 day college orientation. Alone. Without me.


Apparently, sometime over the last 18 years he grew up. I have thousands of memories with him, but in almost all of them he’s someplace between the ages of 4 and 12. He’s certainly not old enough to travel 2 hours by car to orientation. Is he?


I don’t think that’ll work anymore. Besides, this is a *good* thing. He’s evolving from a high school kid to a young college adult.


Ah, but it’s also a good influence, and my fondest memories are my college years. There’s no way to impress that upon him before he goes so he gets the most out of it. It’s something he’ll just have to discover on his own.

Go, son. I’m proud of you. My cell phone is in my pocket and I wrote the number in ink on your forehead while you slept. Call me if you need me.

Kris's Older Sister

Last night’s dream was in a movie theater. Or a swimming pool. Or maybe a movie theater in a swimming pool. I’m not really sure.

There was a girl in high school, Kris. I barely knew her, haven’t thought about her since 1980. All I remember about her is that she had red hair.

She had an older sister. I didn’t know her at all. And *that’s* who I was seeing the movie with last night.

So Kris’s older sister – call me. We should talk. 😛

P.S. There were also tornadoes and wine bottles in the dream. I’m so confused.

Operation Tiger Claw

With a note of thanks to SondraK comes an 18 year old’s fight for free speech. Tired of leftist propoganda in his high school, he starts Operation Tiger Claw – his right to disagree with what was being taught to him.

The amazing thing is the homework this kid did ahead of time – armed with his pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence (don’t you have one, too?), he calmly defended himself against the leftist hysteria that labeled him a racist and a bigot when he was nothing of the sort. He was merely pointing out the leftist hypocrisy, and they screamed at him. He handled it remarkably well.

Read his entire story, complete with backup documentation, picture of his evil socialist repressors, and phone numbers where you can order your own pocket Constitution for only $1.

My favorite part is when he contacted the ACLU to defend his right to put up a sign that said, “The A.C.L.U. – We don’t hate religion, we just hate Christianity.”

Spin the Moon

A blatant plug for a friend – one I go waay back with, all the way to high school two decades ago. She’s bitten the bullet and started a blog this week at Spin the Moon.

Remember your first days of blogging? I do, it was only 2 months ago and my memory isn’t that bad. I’ve been blessed with my new friends here – who think enough about me to send me virtual chocolate when the girls find eye candy they like and they don’t want me to feel left out.

I blogged solo for a month – knowing that they had to be something to read in order for people to find Chasing the Wind interesting. Pretty little swirlies along just wasn’t going to cut it.

So Jo’s started blogging – make her feel welcome, pop in and give her a warm “howdy.”