Overturning Roe v. Wade

South Dakota has wasted no time challenging the federal government’s mandate to allow abortion. They have approved a ban on abortion specifically to challenge Roe v. Wade.

PIERRE, S.D. – South Dakota lawmakers approved a ban on nearly all abortions Friday, setting up a deliberate frontal assault on Roe v. Wade at a time when some activists see the U.S. Supreme Court as more willing than ever to overturn the 33-year-old decision.

Republican Gov. Mike Rounds said he was inclined to sign the bill, which would make it a crime for doctors to perform an abortion unless it was necessary to save the woman’s life. The measure would make no exception in cases of rape or incest.

A judge is likely to suspend the abortion ban during the legal challenge, which means it would never take effect unless the state gets the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and wins.

Under the measure, doctors could get up to five years in prison for performing an illegal abortion. The House passed the bill 50-18 on Friday, and the Senate approved it 23-12 earlier this week. If signed, it would become law July 1.

Money for the anticipated legal fight is already pouring in. Lawmakers were told during the debate that an anonymous donor has pledged $1 million to defend the ban, and the Legislature is setting up a special account to accept donations.


Houston's Socialist Towing Program

Houston recently mandated the “Safe Clear” towing program. It wasn’t interesting enough to talk about at the time, but it gets more and more interesting.

The original idea was to get motorists off the road when they break down to prevent additional accidents. You must accept the tow; you must get in the tow truck; you must pay $75 for the tow.

What’s the first problem? Right – many motorists don’t have $75, and certainly don’t want to pay that kind of money for a flat tire or because they’re out of gas which are the two most common problems for stranded motorists.

Solution #1: Free towing! If you’re stranded because of a flat or because you’re out of gas, free tows to the nearest gas station! The tow trucks will bill the city of Houston, and the city will pay for it. Socialized towing has finally arrived.

The tow truck drivers are selected by the city. What happens if you’re a tow truck driver and suddenly find you’re not selected? Why, you head to the state capital to protest. (subscription link, sorry about that.)

Then the news reported a death due to the Safe Clear program. Well, ok, so Safe Clear doesn’t kill stranded motorists (yet – more on that in a minute), but the man walked to a gas station to get a gallon of gas, and tried to run back when the Safe Clear wrecker appeared. He was struck by several cars.

Since the city is mandating that motorists accept rides from these selected tow truck drivers, the city promised they would do background checks. Apparently that doesn’t mean criminals can’t be tow truck drivers, just that the city would check. “Yup, he’s a criminal. Sign him up.”

Local 2 decided to do its own background checks on all 252 drivers licensed for Safe Clear.

The Trouble Shooters found a third of them, 82, are convicted criminals. The crimes range from misdemeanor drug possession and drunken driving to aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, indecent exposure, auto theft and murder. Some spent years in prison.

Mandatory rides with criminals, paid for by the city. Sort of like a socialist murder-for-hire service. At some point during this fiasco, somebody’s going to come to the conclusion that this whole program is not a good idea. Eventually.

Crazy Democrat Hijinks

Those crazy Democrats! Besides 10,000 lawyers ready to sue over the election and the vandalism they’re doing to GOP campaign headquarters, now they’re committing aggravated assault against Republican U.S. Representatives. Ha ha! What will those crazy Democrats think up next?

MIAMI (Reuters) – A Florida motorist was arrested on Wednesday on charges of trying to run down U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris at an intersection where the controversial former state elections chief was campaigning for re-election to Congress.

The Republican lawmaker and several supporters were campaigning alongside a street corner in her hometown of Sarasota Tuesday evening. A silver Cadillac sped toward them, drove up onto the sidewalk where Harris stood, and then swerved away at the last minute, the Sarasota police report said.

No one was hurt. Witnesses noted the car’s license tag number and police tracked the owner, Barry Seltzer, 46, of Sarasota, who was jailed early Wednesday on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He said he was annoyed because some of Harris’ supporters were blocking traffic, the arrest report said.

“I was exercising my political expression,” it quoted him as saying.

Update: More here, including the police report.

On a more serious note, I’ve decided to vote a straight Republican ticket this year.

Kerry Criticizes Bush for Not Doing Kerry's Job

John Kerry criticized George Bush today for not extending the assault-weapons ban.

George Bush had said if the US Congress passed an extention, he would sign it. Congress didn’t.

But the President can only sign legislation, not introduce it. So why didn’t John Kerry introduce legislation to extend the weapons ban if he felt so strongly about it?

Could it be that maybe he doesn’t know how? After 20 years in the Senate, very few bills bear his name. Or could it be that he’s missed 90% of the votes this year and isn’t actively a part of the Senate?

I think Kerry ought to launch a stinging attack on himself for failing to do his own job. And wasn’t it just last week John Kerry was touting how much he was in favor of preserving Second Amendment rights to bear arms?

Democratic National Convention

This just in: John Kerry plans to accept the nomination. *zzzzz*

I’ve barely discussed the Democratic National Convention. And do you know why?

That’s right. It’s B-O-R-I-N-G. The only thing remotely interesting was Teresa Heinz telling a reporter to shove it. I was hoping for something interesting to happen:

  • John Kerry announces a new “Principles for Money” campaign. If you feel strongly about an issues, John Kerry will espouse your view for significant campaign contribution.
  • John Edwards calls the Democrats the “Party of Hope.” Why? “Because I hope we win, you idiot,” Edwards replies.
  • John Kerry announces a key platform of his campaign, “Clowns Need Love, Too.” Kerry blames the small clown cars on a failed Bush policy of “No Clown Left Behind” even though spending on clowns have increased 60% under George Bush. Kerry promises to replace the itty bitty clown cars with larger cars from Renault with safety airbags.
  • Barnum and Baily Circus announce they’re now a 527 corporation. Renault, too.
  • Teresa Heinz takes offense at being called “a safety airbag”.
  • Kerry says he’ll never cross a picket line. A reporter asks, “What about the Boston police officers picket line outside?” Kerry claims, “That’s not really a picket line. It’s more of a, um… congo line.”
  • The Secret Service surround the buffet and ask Michael Moore to step away for safety of the delegates.
  • Kerry declares France to be the 51st US state and promises new goverment-subsidized caviar. “But not the good stuff,” Teresa corrects.
  • Kofi Anan agrees to find Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq if the Democrats win.
  • The “Oil-for-Food” program becomes the 52nd US state.
  • Teresa Heinz agrees to stop calling the Democrats “putrid.” “That was before I knew I might become First Lady,” she explains.
  • Due to pressure from disparate liberal groups, the Democratic Party Changes their name to the Gay & Lesbian Communist & Socialist House of Waffles. The new party will oppose gay marriages until a court says otherwise, will oppose any war a year after the war starts, will turn all mansions into homeless shelters unless you’re a Kerry or Edwards any of their friends (who are *not* rich, by the way, not like those nasty Republicans), and promise to appoint judges that reflect American family values as long as they only favor abortion and gay marriages.
  • A parade of people that have lost their jobs under the Bush Adminstration give speeches: Whoopi Goldberg, Linda Ronstadt, Al Gore and the Dixie Chicks.
  • It is revealed that John Kerry never actually served in Vietnam, that all of the war footage was actually filmed by a young collegiate Steven Spielberg for an “Earnest Goes to War” movie.
  • Hillary Clinton addresses the convention delegates and says, “I don’t understand what women see in Bill. He has a tiny Presidential weenie.” Stunned, delegates look for Bill’s reaction, but both Bill Clinton and John Kerry’s daughter are nowhere to be found.
  • John Kerry and John Edwards announce that they’re getting married since it’s legal in Boston and vow to wage an assault against narrow-minded homophobic monogomists.
  • John Kerry admits that at least one of his purple hearts was for a hangnail. “But it was a really bad hangnail,” Kerry says.
  • After serious discussions with PETA, John Kerry and John Edwards agree to marry their dogs, too.

Sadly, none of these events happened, and it’s difficult to get excited about vague “Make America stronger” and “Let’s Bring America Together” speeches. What’s that supposed to mean? I dunno. *zzzzzz*

My Lunchtime Leisure Reading for Today

Right Wing News gives us a sample of Michael Moore quote to help us know him and love him:

“If someone did this [9/11] to get back at Bush, then they did so by killing thousands of people who DID NOT VOTE for him! Boston, New York, D.C., and the planes’ destination of California — these were places that voted AGAINST Bush!” — Michael Moore On 9/12/2001

“There is no terrorist threat in this country. This is a lie. This is the biggest lie we’ve been told.” — Michael Moore, October 2003

Buzz Machine is a relatively liberal site, but one I enjoy reading because Jeff spends more time thinking than the other liberals I’ve read, explains why Michael Moore’s film is trash.

As I walked out of the theater on the opening day of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, I thought (read: hoped) that even here, in the East Village of Manhattan, true Moore country, where the flick was already sold out all night, surely even here they wouldn’t fall for all his obvious, visual/rhetorical tricks, his propaganda too unsubtle for the cheapest tin-horn demagog.

Indepundit brings some American flags to hand out to anti-war protestors. Their reactions are hysterical. “Er, no thanks. I have one. At home I mean. Are you one of us?” type of thing.

Right Thinking Girl explains why she wants nothing to do with Clinton.

ex Prez, who said that he was afraid that if he admitted the truth about Monica, it would have been the end of his presidency.

Well now I’m really mad. If Clinton knew that what he had done was bad enough to end his presidency, then why is he still whining over Kenneth Starr?

Little Miss Attila gives us a link to as much liberalism as we can stand in a single paragraph:

Let us never forget that the Pax Americana of the future brings forth this calamity brought to us by a horrific onslaught, known as Shock and Awe. So far, the American state, with its unelected president, venal Supreme Court, silent Congress, gutted Bill of Rights and compliant media belies justifications given by the world’s leading apologists for the final subjugation of the Middle East, beginning with the $90bn invasion of Iraq. For one thing, the 15-minute speech delivered Monday night by President Bush leads our attention to the essential Western imperial interests. As Norman Mailer pointed out, the pro-Sharon neoconservative cabal brings about the theocrat Ashcroft’s suspension of our civil rights.

And finally, Wizbang has excellent captures from today’s headlines:

Democrats, including Terry McAuliffe, Tom Harkin and Senate minority leader Tom Daschle, are lining up to see the anti-Bush Michael Moore movie which is long on hatred for Bush, but short on truth.

Democrat John Kerry criticizes Ronald Reagan for saving us from Jimmy Carter’s economic policies.

Democrats want to burn someone in the administration for Abu Ghraib.

Democrat John Kerry tells a group of scientists that George Bush has cut spending on science but this story explains that Bush has increased science spending dramatically.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi says bush has not done enough to stop the killings in Sudan. [Funny she did not give a shit about the killing in Iraq. -ed]

Democrats working in the entertainment industry raise money for Kerry because, “The sentiment against (President) George W. Bush is so strong.”

Democrats don’t want to pass an intelligence appropriations bill. They say Republicans are not funding counter terrorism enough, even though the bill funds counter-terrorism at the highest level in history.

Democrat Bill Clinton say that asking him hard questions is “helping the far Right”

Democrat John Kerry says Bush “puts ideology over science” because Bush does not want to allow scientists to kill babies.

Democrat John Kerry criticized Bush for being appealing to conservative voters. [Damn Him! -ed]

Democrats are hiring convicted felons including people convicted of crimes such as burglary, forgery, drug dealing, assault and sex offenses to register more Democratic voters… When they get caught, they blame it on George Bush.

Democrat Al Gore recently told an audience that “the [Bush] administration did not hesitate to heighten and distort public fear of terrorism after September 11th, to create a political case for attacking Iraq.”

Democrat John Kerry claims the American middle class has been faring miserably under President Bush’s stewardship of the economy. A lie so egregious that even the USA Today calls him on it on the editorial pages.

followed by a Kerry quote that proves he doesn’t read the news:

Kerry blames Bush for partisanship in Washington

SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) — Democrat John Kerry criticized Republicans on Wednesday […] blaming a partisan culture created by President Bush and calling his rival “the greatest divider as a president in the modern history of this country.”

Wizbang links to all the headlines quoted for those that like to follow up.