Late for Work

I was late for work this morning with a new and unusual excuse. First, let me setup the scenario.

It’s a little stressful around the house right now. Last Tuesday we received nearly 10 inches of rain in about 5 hours. I woke up that morning to find an inch of water in the study. Fortunately, the floor isn’t completely level and the computer gear was on a tiny island. Unfortunately, the closet absorbed a lot of water and all the boxes on the floor. And we’re sure the walls have absorbed water and will have to be replaced.

There was eighteen inches of water in the garage. Shop vac, camping stove, other minor stuff was ruined, but the water was high enough to cover the floorboards of both cars.

So I’ve been talking to the insurance company a lot this week. Homeowner’s insurance, flood insurance, townhome group insurance, and two separate auto insurance claims come into play. Last night, a remedial company drilled holes in the water and sprayed anit-mold chemicals and set up two noisy air dryers. The house is noisy and smells funny.

I dropped my car off last week to be repaired; my wife’s car is still pending because the rental car company only seems to make a car available for an hour before saying “oops, sorry, it’s rented already.” And I’m driving a smelly, beatup rental car that reinforces my believe that Enterprise Rent a Car supplies only trashy vehicles.

On top of that, I’m working 65 hours a week, trying to hit an important, expensive deadline.

So this morning, I’m up a little early. I’m going to de-stress and pick up a latte on the way to work and count it as my protein for the morning. And I chill, relaxing in the car, listening to AM 700 talk radio.

After a while, I glance at the clock. It’s 7:00 on the nose.

After a while longer, I glance at the clock. It’s still 7:00 on the nose.

And I realize it’s not 7:00am. It’s 700AM. What I thought was a digital clock was actually the radio station readout. It’s likely to be 700AM all morning.

And that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

The Loss of Conservatism

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If the major news media has succeeded today in discouraging conservatives from voting, the trifecta will be complete – Legislative, Executive, and Media.

The blame for such a loss can be spread to many people. Let’s start at the top.

I like President Bush, and I threw my entire support behind him for the Iraq War. I think he is a good, honest President. But as a communicator, he failed. The left managed to brand him with a paint of hate, and Bush stoically didn’t respond. Terrible mistake. He also mistakenly believed he could appease the left with vastly expanded programs; Medicare, prescription drugs, No Child Left Behind, etc. Soon the spending of the Republicans put the spending of the Liberals to shame.

McCain reflects that belief that if we’re more liberal, liberals will like us. They don’t. And they can out-liberal us any day of the week. The real reason Republicans are losing is that once in power, they forgot they were the party of limited government. Just like the elder George Bush losing office because of his broken “No new taxes” pledge, the Republicans are being voted out of office because they are too liberal.

Americans won’t stand for the ultra-liberal policies about to be imposed on us, but by the time the Democrats are tossed out, the next incremental step toward a socialist nanny-state will be firmly in place. We’re about to lurch to the left

But much of their agenda — the “card check” proposal to end secret ballots in union elections, the Fairness Doctrine to stifle conservative talk radio, liberal judicial nominees, trade restrictions, retreat from Iraq, talks with Iran — doesn’t require spending. And after 14 years of Republican control of Congress, the presidency, or both, Democrats are impatient. They want to move quickly.

They’ll be able to do this because they hold nearly fillibuster-proof majorities, a far left puppet president who will vote “present” rather than tackle hard issues, and an ecstatic liberal news media. Toss in the liberal court system they will immediately appoint, and conservatism will be a little-remembered philosophy confined to the flyover states.

Conservatives, we did this to ourselves by trying to out-liberal the liberals. I sure hope we learn the lesson this time. We only win when we hold to our conservative principles. We didn’t do that thel ast 4 years, and we’re about to pay heavily for it.

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The Rise of Hate Radio

Satire, wit, political commentary… I am most amused this morning with the “The Rise of Hate Radio” article at “BlameBush!” Don’t let the name of the website scare you away – it’s fiercely conservative but full of satire, pretending to blame Bush for all the world’s ills, possibly including hair loss and people who talk loudly in theaters. A clip:

In the old days, your average Cro-Magnon con would crawl out of his bourgeois cave in the suburbs every morning and give a friendly wave to his progressive neighbor, who was out of work but enjoying the day relaxing in his hammock and listening to the ball game. He’d catch the bus to his job, put in a full 8 hour shift, then shuffle home with the portion of his paycheck the benevolent government allowed him to keep. He’d wave to his progressive neighbor – who was still relaxing in his hammock – and then prepare to do some yardwork.

The conservative enjoyed his yardwork, even with the 95 cents per foot Lawn Modification Fee he paid each year to provide free landscaping for his unemployed neighbor. He’d open his garage to retrieve his lawnmower, and then suddenly remember that he hocked it to pay off the Lawn Tax. No matter, he could hardly afford the 50 cents a gallon gas tax the state imposed in order to provide free hammocks for his unemployed neighbor anyway. So he’d trim his lawn by hand, with a pair of scissors. It wouldn’t be too difficult, for although he was expected to pay property tax on all of his land, he was only allowed to make improvements on 10% of it – pending an environmental review and a $200 lawn modification permit.

So our complacent conservative would drop to his knees and prepare to clip the remaining two blades of grass he was still legally permitted to cut, when a man from the city’s Bureau of Lawn Management would appear and slap him with a $500 fine for damaging the breeding grounds of the endangered three-toed lawn frog, which lived about 15 miles away but needed a 50 mile radius of undeveloped land or else it got really cranky. He’d also get nailed with a $200 fine for violating a local ordinance against allowing his lawn to grow too long, a $150 fine for leaving his garage door open, plus a $25 sin tax on the scissors to keep his disadvantaged neighbor supplied with those fruity cocktails with the tiny umbrellas in them. The con might get a little miffed. Perhaps he would even feel the urge to complain. But then his friendly neighbor would chide him for being selfish and greedy.

“Have you no compassion, you heartless repug?” he’d ask.

So, our cro-mag con would quietly resign himself to paying his fair share. He’d drink a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon, beat up his wife, then pass out on the floor of his cave until it was time to obediently catch the bus back to work again.

Voila! Democracy!

The Cro-Magnon goes on to discover Talk Radio and finds he is not alone. Excellent satire, go read the rest of it.