Killing Immigration Reform

It’s almost dead. Let’s hope it keeps dying.

The immigration “reform” bill which basically opens the door to a flood of illegal immigration is hitting some roadblocks. If it passes, US taxpayers will essentially be footing the healthcare and school bill for anybody that can get into the US by any means, and strip the ability to enforce US sovereignty.

Most of the details I care not one whit about. Before any solutions is presented, though, border control must be addresses. Then we can decide what to do with those already here. Legalizing all those here without an effective border control simply encourages more to come illegally.

Look at one of the goofier amendments defeated on –

The Senate voted 51-46 to reject a proposal by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, to bar criminals – including those ordered by judges to be deported – from gaining legal status. Democrats siphoned support from Cornyn’s proposal by winning adoption, 66-32, of a rival version that would bar a more limited set of criminals, including certain gang members and sex offenders, from gaining legalization.

How many criminal illegal immigrants (by definition, criminal already since they’re already here illegally) do we want to gain legal status? I’m pretty sure the answer for me is -zero-.

A Win for Texas Taxpayers

Goodness. I never thought I’d see taxpayers win this one.

One of my biggest complaints about promoting a cap on home appraisals was about my opposition, like the Texas Association of Counties or the Texas Municipal League. They use *my* tax dollars to keep *my* taxes high. It was absolutely unfair.

A judge this week saw it the same way. It’s illegal to use tax dollars to lobby the state legislature.

A Williamson County judge has ruled that the Texas Association of Counties cannot organize lobbying campaigns funded by taxpayer dollars.

The decision, handed down by state District Judge Ken Anderson was the result of a lawsuit filed against Williamson County and the association by three members of the Americans for Prosperity of Texas. The suit claims that state law prohibits counties from using tax revenue to join organizations that lobby the Legislature.

Peggy Venable, the Texas director of Americans for Prosperity said “This is an enormous victory for taxpayers”. “The judge read the law like we did, and (the association) was in flagrant violation of that law over a long period of time.”

Goodness. Taxpayers win one? What a nice change.