My Windows Phone

I bought my Windows Phone last November after reviewing the options. My old Window Mobile 6.1 was at the end of its life and ready to be retired.

1 – iOS iPhone. Great phone. I’m not enamored with Apple’s stranglehold on their iTunes store. I watched Google Voice be denied from entry at Apple’s seeming whim.
2 – Android. It looked chaotic to me. Anything goes. Worse, each carrier manipulated the operating system to their benefit, leading to bloatware that could not be uninstallaed. I hate bloatware.
3 – Blackberry. Hahaha.
4 – Windows Phone. Design looked great. It has the benefit of a single marketplace like Apple, but Microsoft was bound to be more flexible due to past antimonopoly suits. No bloatware, either. Carriers can add their own programs, but they’re easily uninstalled.

And since the Mango update, I’m even more happy I went to Windows Phone.

Dwight over at the Houston Chronicle has come to the same conclusion, though he’s still an Apple fan. That’s fine, but I can tell you I enjoy my Windows Phone more than my wife enjoys her iPhone. I have last year’s Samsung Focus, and it’s lightweight with a great screen. When I finally upgrade next year, the only thing I’d like to add isn’t available yet. I expect Skype to be added by Microsoft as an integral feature (no app needed), so I’ll need a front facing camera then.

And beside, it makes my buddy Sean envious. That’s always fun.


I’m still looking for that perfect to-do list manager. I really liked the Windows Mobile 6.1 syncronizing solution (except for the occasional hiccup that duplicated everything). But now that I’m using a Windows Phone 7, that solution is gone.

Right now I’ve settled on which is working really well. It’s an easy to use, web-based to-do list. I link it up through Funky Mule’s Photondo (I know, weird name). It’s still a work in progress, but I’m hoping the upcoming 1.4 revamp and the WP7 software update will give me the speed and reliability I’m looking for. Right now I just use Photondo to add the todo list, then later use the Toodledo website to finesse it.

If I knew more about the GTD (Getting Things Done) method, I’d use it, but I don’t have time to learn it. 🙂 So for now, this is my solution.