Ha. I was Right. LA Time Cheated.

Ha. A few days ago I said I was pretty sure the LA Times cheated when they took their poll, trying to slant it so that it looks like Kerry’s beating Bush.

Looks like the Drudge report outed them. They used 1-1/2 times more Democrats than Republicans when they took the poll.

The LA Times tries to pass themselves off as a respectable newspaper, but they’re just liberal cheaters making up their own news.

4 thoughts on “Ha. I was Right. LA Time Cheated.

  1. Maybe I’ve never paid attention – it was the Arnold elections when I first heard about the shenanigans the LA Times was pulling. Until then, I thought they were your normal left-wing big city newspaper. Now I know they’re quacks.


  2. […] anything you want to by picking the right people to interview (like the LA times, as reported by Michael at Chasing the Wind) but more because it reduces people to a number. They no longer are a human being with feelings, […]


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