I'm Not Talking About Clinton's Book

It’s basically a non-event. What we want to know, he’s already told us in interviews this weekend. A) He had sex with Monica “because he could;” B) He fought impeachment because it was a “badge of honor.” In other words, he committed adultery and lied and it’s everybody else’s fault. Yawn. We already knew that.

I saw this reader submission at The Federalist:

“In 100 years, should the Lord tarry, Bill Clinton will be the answer to a trivia question: ‘Name the only President to be impeached in the 20th century.’ Besides the personal scandals, all he did for 8 years is keep the seat warm. Hardly worth a 900+ page book.”

Yup. That about sums it up.

6 thoughts on “I'm Not Talking About Clinton's Book

  1. Over 900 pages of Bill feeling sorry for himself – – I’m definitely not going to be reading his book. There is nothing in it that I want to know. I lived through the eight years of sex and lies in the White House and don’t need to waste my limited time reading his rose colored glasses version of it


  2. I watched Clinton on Oprah yesterday. It did change my opinion of him slightly. Whether I agreed with his policies or not, I do believe he was doing what he felt was right. And while I do not condone his personal antics while in the White House, he is human and prone to mistakes like everyone else. And I do believe the media was to blame for sensationalizing it all. No one in America needed to know all the torrid details. He admitted he made mistakes. Everyone deserves forgiveness, don’t they?


  3. And you believed him? A man who lied under oath to a judge? Goodness, why would you do that?

    I agree with you that Clinton truly believes his own statements, and after he says it, he believes it. For instance, on 60 minutes this week, Clinton says the story that the Sudanese offered bin Laden to the U.S. is not true, it’s a fabricated story. Yet NewsMax.com has an audio recording of Clinton giving a speech in 1996 saying he turned down the Sudanese offer because bin Laden hadn’t (yet) committed a crime against the U.S. For some reason, people believe both stories, even though they’re in conflict.

    The media is the media – they’re a circus now, they were a circus then. But you can’t blame Clinton’s lying under oath on the media – the media just reported it.

    Clinton cut the size of the military, gave away nuclear secrets to China, rented out the Lincoln bedroom like a Motel 6. There was Whitewater, Cattlegate, they fired White House travel employees so they could hire cousins and friends, lied about Gennifer Flowers, had FBI files of 900 Republicans illegally in their possession, committed perjury in the Paula Jones trial by lying about Monica Lewinsky and impeached because of it, collected illegal funds from the Buddhist temple, collected illegal funds from the Chinese, launched “wag the dog” military attacks to draw attention from the scandals, removed all the “W”s from all the typewriters when they left office (ok, maybe this one was funny), gave away “midnight” pardons for all the people involved in the Clinton scandals on his last day of office… these were all the fault of the media?

    Perhaps I missed the part in his Oprah interview where he apologized and asked for forgiveness for all of these “personal antics.”


  4. I’ll record it for you and bring it in for your viewing. And I did say I didn’t agree with or condone his behavior. And that the media sensationalized it all, not started it.

    And yes, maybe I am gullible. I just try to see the good in people.


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