Muslim Trucker Won't Haul Beer

From, one of my favorite sites that chronicles abuse of our legal system, comes this interesting question –

In Nashville, Tenn., [Muslim trucker] Ibrahim Barzinji has sued his former employer, Arkansas-based J.B. Hunt Transport Inc., on the grounds that asking him to transport alcoholic beverages violated his religious beliefs.

Let me try to see if it makes sense if I substitute other religions and cargo… would a Catholic have a leg to stand on if he refused to haul condoms? A hindu trucker that refused to haul hamburger? A Palestinian bus driver that refused to let Jewish people board?

I dunno. People shouldn’t be forced to do things against your religion, but then again, you have a choice of where to work. I’m in the petrochemical industry, and if I was told to work on a plant that I objected to on a religious basis (I can’t imagine what that would be), I’d expect my company to accommodate me if they could. If they can’t accomodate me, I can a) work on it anyway, b) quit. A lawsuit wouldn’t have entered my mind.

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