Bush Won in 2000 Due to "Missing Voters"

An interesting article at the Wall Street Journal this morning calculates the number of “Missing Voters” due to abortions since 1972. Then, armed with surveys and statistics, show that a) Democrats are 30% more likely than Republicans to have an abortion and b) children usually exhibit the voting characteristics of their parents. They then calculate that if these voters were alive today, Gore would have won Florida by 45,000 votes.

Abortion has caused missing Democrats–and missing liberals. For advocates so fundamentally committed to changing the face of conservative America, liberals have been remarkably blind to the fact that every day the abortions they advocate dramatically decrease their power to do so. Imagine the number of followers that their abortion policies eliminate who, over the next several decades, would have emerged as the new liberal thinkers, voters, adherents, fund-raisers and workers for their cause.

This, of course, is a disadvantage that liberals cannot fix; the abortions today will affect the elections for 20 years at a minimum. This country has become more conservative over the last 20 years, and this trend is likely to continue as long as the liberals keep aborting their own offspring.

13 thoughts on “Bush Won in 2000 Due to "Missing Voters"

  1. I’m not even sure how to respond to this one except for you have got to be kidding me. Let’s just suffice it to say that the leaps the author had to take to come up with the results place this in the useless journalism arena.

    For example, you can’t just assume that everyone votes exactly the same as their parents. I don’t, my husband doesn’t, and my parents don’t. Half of my father’s family votes one way, half the other.

    And it doesn’t take into account the miniscule percentage of the population who actually do vote. Basically, the message is “hey you stupid liberals- if you weren’t killing your offspring, maybe you wouldn’t have anything to complain about.” Puleaze.


  2. Whatever the opinions or ramifications on this I have been having similar discussions regarding this phenomenon and it intrigues me tremendously…
    Thanks for the heads up, Michael…


  3. The author says that we know from “several generations of social science research” that children tend to absorb their parent’s values. I can find a study at http://takeyourkidstovote.org that parents who vote are more likely to have children who vote. In my own family, *all* of them are conservative. But I can’t find one of these “social science research” studies that the author references. So I’ll take that supposition with a grain of salt.

    It made sense to me, though – if your children aren’t absorbing their parent’s values, then where are they getting them? The only other reasonable source is from the education system which is also liberal.


  4. Again, I disagree. But would you expect anything less? My father is very conservative. However, he comes from liberal parents. Two of the 5 children are very conservative. Two are hippies. And one is mentally retarded, but that’s besides the point. My parents are both conservative. My brother is conservative. I tend more towards liberal, but the education system did not influence my values. I slept through most of my 12 years and graduated from an extremely conservative college.

    Statistics only prove what the authors intended to prove. And what about the conservative Christians who are killing their children because God told them to do it? Funny no mention of them in the study.


  5. Religion wasn’t mentioned at all; conservative does not necessarily mean Christian (though more and more Christian implies conservative). The author points out that liberal people are 30% more likely to have abortions than conservative ones, and therefore it’s liberal votes that are being lost.


  6. Just mentioning a particular sector of conservatism that have also been killing their own and therefore losing out on votes. Trying to present both sides of the story.


  7. I can’t imagine “conservative christian abortionists” are a major group in this analysis. Sort of like having pro-life, pro-war, anti-gay, limited government liberals. Just not a whole lot of them out there.


  8. Not only is this ironic from the perspective of abortion, but from Darwin’s perspective as well. Only the strong survive … and have children.


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