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If you’re visiting the list of blogs on the sidebar, I’m tweaking how they’re displayed. They were displayed with the most recently updated blog at the top, oldest at the bottom. That wasn’t working for me, took too long to find a particular blog sometimes.

Now they’re in alphabetical order. If the blog has been updated in the last 24 hours, it’s also emphasized. That should help if you’re short on time; you won’t have to click a blog if it hasn’t been updated in a bit and you’ve already read it.

I’m still tweaking it to emphasize it better, but I the alphabetized order is going to stay.

18 thoughts on “Blogrolling List

  1. Scary Monsters
    I happened to be over at Chasing the Wind this early morning and decided to follow a link in his blogroll. At that site I saw a link to a…


  2. Okies, here’s what I know: is the site that I use to maintain that list of links. They maintain a “ping form” to find out if a blog has been updated. In other words, when I post, I automatically “ping” their service, they ping back to see if I’ve been updated. There are several ping services, but apparently they all talk to each other. If you ping one of them, within 10 minutes they all know.

    I checked through the Livejournal tech support stuff, and apparently there’s an option to do this. Details are here, but grrrr it’s only for paid users.

    No worries – you can work around it; you’ll just have to do it manually. Since I’m pulling my “recently updated” list from, the fastest way to appear updated on Chasing the Wind is to ping Blogrolling directly. They have a form you can use, and it’s straightforward: Fill in “Spin the Moon” and your URL, “” and press the “Ping” button. I did that just now, and presto, you appear as updated on my blog.

    If you get tired of that trick, you can do as I do – WordPress is supposed to ping automatically, but it doesn’t. I made a link I can just click on. I made one for Pinging “Spin the Moon”; just drag this link to your desktop, and click it when you want the world to know you’re updated. While the first form I showed you will give you instant gratification, this second method might take 10 minutes for my blog to hear the news.


  3. I see from Vox and Uptown Girl that they liked the “recent blogs on top” method. :/

    Hmm. Maybe I’ll rename them to “A Uptown Girl” and… um… “A Vox”.


  4. I’m just happy that you’re emphasized now. 🙂

    I’ve noticed that while most of the blogs ping somebody, not all of them do. I stopped in at the Cheesemistress this morning and found she’s posted new stuff, but she’s not emphasized. She had a fun story about a little butcher lady, so I’m glad I clicked her anyway.


  5. I used to have that same no ping issue with Blogrolling and used the ping form for some time – – and then I thought why not add the url to my “pinging” option in my MT.

    Weblog Configuration
    Publicity / Remote Interfaces / TrackBack
    Add this line of code in the box:
    Scroll to the bottom and hit “Save”

    Then for those who use MT when they update their blogs and if they have ping set to work then it will auto ping Blogrolling.


  6. If I’m reading a mass of blogs, I just start at the top and click all the ones that strike my fancy. The order doesn’t matter to me at all.

    If I’m looking for a particular blog, this random thing drives me crazy. Okies, back to alphabetical. I liked Vox best when she was on the bottom.


  7. i think the alpha is the best way cause then i know who is where and not reading through your whole roll – – and i really wasn’t complaining – – i was just teasing you – – cause to be honest i’m thrilled to be on your roll at all 😉


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