Rod Paige and the NAACP

Rod Paige tears into the NAACP in an opinion to the Wall Streel Journal.

I have a message for the NAACP’s Julian Bond and Kweisi Mfume, who have accused black conservatives of being the “puppets” of white people, unable to think for ourselves: You do not own, and you are not the arbiters of, African-American authenticity.

I am a lifelong member of the NAACP. I have a great respect for the organization. Its historical leaders, all visionary thinkers, have been responsible for helping to advance the struggle of African-Americans over the past century, making our nation a more equitable and race-blind society. Sadly, the current NAACP leadership has managed to take a proud, effective organization in a totally new direction: naked partisan politics, pure and simple.

In particular, Mr. Bond and Mr. Mfume have done a great disservice to our organization, and to the founders of the civil-rights movement, with their hateful and untruthful rhetoric about Republicans and President Bush. How ironic that they would direct this vitriol at a president who has appointed more African-Americans to high-profile posts, has committed more funds to fight AIDS in Africa, has championed minority homeownership, and has supported more trade and aid for African and Caribbean nations than any other administration.

Rod Paige is right – the NAACP is doing blacks a disservice now. Since 2000 when NAACP ran an ad claiming that Bush endorsed dragging blacks behind pickup trucks until dead, till Julian Bond’s (Chairman of NAACP) calling Bush’s cabinet picks the “Taliban wing of American politics,” the NAACP has forgotten their role as advocators of black right and are now the mad-dog tool of the Democratic Party.

Bush has done more for the black community through his No Child Left Behind Act alone, not to mention he’s promoted more minorities to prominent adminstration positions than any other president in history. You’d never know it through the “mad dog” rhetoric from the black tool of the Democratic Party.

2 thoughts on “Rod Paige and the NAACP

  1. You’d think that the blacks would be grateful for all these nice things Bush has done for them. He’s kinda like the Abraham Lincoln of the modern age. I just don’t understand why they aren’t voting for him.


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