Orion Slave Girls

Star Trek: Enterprise is almost here; the season premier is October 8. Sometime this season, they’ll reintroduce the Orion slave girls from Captain Kirk’s time.

The race was first introduced in the pilot episode of the original Star Trek series, “The Cage,” and memorably reprised by Yvonne Craig in the later episode “Whom Gods Destroy.” Luther said that her character is reminiscent of the Orion slave girls of the past. “[The producers] wanted the original feel to my character,” Luther said. “That kind of animalistic, predatory nature. I feed off of men.”

Ah, memories. It’ll be just like dating again.

Orion Slave Girl Bobbie Sue Luther

Bobbi Sue Luther will play the part of the Orion slave girl. Sean, we’ll watch this episode at my place if Carmen is busy that night. 😛

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