7 thoughts on “Turbo Mike

  1. I’m interested in the exhibits.

    What kind of swimsuit models help to advertise turbo-machinery?

    Do they wear OSHA saftey equipment?
    Is long, flowing hair an impediment aroung rotating equipment?
    Do they have pocket protectors?
    Do they break their nails on turbine blades?
    Can they explain Bernouli’s laws to me? (really – I forgot them).
    In my head, I am picturing Vanna White, but more windblown and in some type of hardhat and silver reflective Nomex body suit so pictures would be helpful.


  2. Uptown: my choices were a) Turbomachinery Symposium or b) the office. I didn’t get a choice c) the beach. 😛

    Sean: There were approximately 3000 male engineers there, 2 female engineers surrounded by 3000 male engineers, and 1 saucy long legged female non-engineer. When I approached her, and before I even opened my mouth, she handed me a squeeze ball. “Squeeze it, it’ll relieve stress,” she said. She was on to me already.

    Courtney: Dang it, I missed it. I need to know.


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