Standard Form 180

Before I go any further, note this: John Kerry could answer these accusations instantly by signing Standard Form 180 that releases all of his military records. So far, he’s refused to do that, and the Navy says they are still holding about 100 pages of unreleased information.

Sign the Standard Form 180, Senator Kerry. If you want to be Commander in Chief of the military, people have a right to know your military record. All of it, not just the parts you’ve released.

The New York Sun (registration required) today has uncovered evidence that John Kerry’s discharge from the Navy was not an honorable one, and it was retroactively changed to honorable in 1978 by an act from Jimmy Carter. It would also explain why John Kerry’s medal certificates had to be reissued (Kerry claims he lost them), but a dishonorable discharge would have revoked all of Kerry’s medals. Five months after John Kerry joined the Senate, all of his medals were reissued.

Kerry’s own website indicates that his honorable discharge was received in 1978 after a review from a board of officers. The Navy doesn’t typically require a review by a board of officers for an honorable discharge. The board used as an “authority of reference” Title 10, US Code Section 1162 and 1163 which refers to involuntary discharges. This implies that John Kerry was originally dishonorably and involuntarily released from the Navy.

It’s not so hard to believe that John Kerry received a dishonorable discharge. He was a leader of Vietnam Vets Against the War from 1970 to 1972 and meeting with the North Korean enemy in May 1970. And then Carter granted general amnesty for draft dogers and war protesters in 1977, and then Kerry retroactively received an honorable discharge in 1978, and then had his medals reissued in 1985. That’s not hard to believe at all.

And John Kerry could answer this once and for all by signing Standard Form 180.

(via tips from Michelle Malkin and Swiftvets for Truth)

Update: Captain’s Quarters has additional information on various types of discharges, including Undesireable Discharges and Adminstrative Discharges.

8 thoughts on “Standard Form 180

  1. Was Kerry’s original discharge less than honorable?
    In a front-page article in today’s New York Sun, reporter Thomas Lipscomb asserts that in all probability, Sen. John F. Kerry originally received a less-than-honorable discharge from the United States Naval Reserve


  2. My take on the Lipscomb article, trackbacked to this post, includes quotes from and links to the relevant statutes (which are otherwise somewhat hard to locate because they were superseded in a 1994 reorganization of Title 10 of the U.S. Code).


  3. Fascintating, Beldar. You’ve done excellent research into this. You and I are in agreement that this is all hypothesis, suggestion. What’s released so far suggests highly that Kerry’s discharge was unusual at a minimum; not surprising given Kerry’s anti-war activities at the time.

    Kerry could answer this in a heartbeat just by signing the Standard Form 180 so we can see everything, not just what Kerry posts on his website.


  4. What happened to Kerry’s sister that was Bush’s Representative
    at the UN. She slammed Bush’s policies while at the UN in July. Did she get fired or not?


  5. Peggy Kerry is a co-chair of the New York Democratic Campaign, she’s worked for the ACLU, the NYCLU, Planned Parenthood, and the US State Department’s United Nations mission. Her job with the State Department involves “maintaining contacts with U.N. nongovernmental organizations,” whatever that means. As a career UN employee, she’s been reprimanded for campaigning during working hours. She was still working at the U.N. on Friday and actively campaigning for John Kerry in New Mexico.


  6. I for one refuse to vote democrat after the embarrassing lineup the party keeps throwing at us for elections. I am sure he received a discharge ‘other than honorable’ and for that deserves to be thrown out of politics forever.


  7. Sometimes I wonder what right the military has to ruin people’s lives over things like cowardice. If I screw up on the job, I get fired…. I don’t get a record for it. The military screws people out of a normal life for screwing up and thats a shame.

    Terrorists are cutting people’s heads off on television and we dishonorably discharge soldiers for forcing them to pose naked….. thats just stupid.

    Give these discharges to people who strike or assault ANYONE (officers are not gods), or those who lied at MEPS for physicals or drug use, and those using drugs in the service. Other than that, send them home without trashing their lives.


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