4 thoughts on “Gathered in His Name

  1. Cutiest thing I have ever seen. I was searching for some sites on the two or more gathered in my name passage and stummbled across this. I plan on showing it in my Theology class tomorrow. It drives home the simplicity of the call to gather together in prayer and praise, in communion with each other.

    God Bless,
    Professor Mac


  2. The photo is great

    The scripture is a serious matter – but is more exciting and all embracing than the traditional Jewish requirement for 10 to pray together in agreement for a public request.

    That the prayer being considered is for blessing is without doubt for in the passage all (the whole company which would equal every person of Israel in the whole town) are required for judgement which is a different matter

    I agree with Max the photograph captures the essence of simple and effective prayer, which does not exclude any that belong to Christ (as I might add every innocent child does and who are outside normal rules for their prayers are for real)

    Matt 18 v 19 – 20



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