I'm Forty-Three

Sung to the tune of “Yesterday” :

I’m forty three
there are pieces falling off of me
now I’m twice as old as I used to be
I can’t believe
I’m forty three.

Why I huff and puff climbing hills
I couldn’t say
At least my memory’s intact I…
what was I going to say ay ay ay?

Forty three
I wish I drank less beer at twenty three
I still feel young but I can no longer see
Oh Happy Birthday,
I’m forty three.


14 thoughts on “I'm Forty-Three

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!

    I hope you have something wonderful planned for the day and that you get all the goodies you were hoping for…and lots of chocolate 😀


  2. I’ve sung your birthday song, and now I sing your praises! You are an awsome guy and I hope your birthday will be just as awsome! May God show you something special today and you remember to look for it. 😀


  3. Miss Vox – Thanks for the birthday wish! And that was a nice gift, letting me answer those questions on my birthday. 🙂

    Tony – So kind of you to remember today was my birthday! 😛

    Steve – Ok, I cheated, I posted my little poem early and post-dated it to 1:00am. 😛

    Sean – So far, so good. 🙂

    Courtney – I got the song live today out of you anyway. Thanks for the birthday card, too!

    Tomina – thanks for singing to me live today, that was special!

    Jo – It’s the miles, not the years. You’re so young and fresh that it’s easy to see I’ve got you in terms of miles. 🙂

    Onelamb – *blush* It’s my priviledge to share my life and faith, it’s wonderful for you to visit and say so!

    K – Anytime! I’m still going to be a Texans fan though. 🙂


  4. Ah ha! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. I’ll make you say the same thing in two posts by also wishing you a happy birthday! Mwuhahaha!

    Happy Birthday, Dad! (I’m going to call you now to bug you with the song.)


  5. Well, that didn’t work. I just tried calling (got the answer machine), but you’ve outsmarted me this year. Have fun at whatever party you may be at.


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