It’s my Friday off, but I’m at work. Something is seriously wrong with me.

One of the bosses walked by and made a comment to a co-worker about his blue jeans. “That’s not according to the dress code.” We’re supposed to be business casual, but on Fridays off most of the building is empty. Most of us are here giving up our free time to catch up on work.

I’m in blue jeans, too. Go ahead, tell me I’m violating dress code. I’ll happily go home. 🙂

The weekend plans are shaping up nicely. I’m headed out to the Woodlands to have lunch with John (Hayden’s grandfather). Since we’re both off work today and it’s a hour drive, I expect to be gone for some time. Probably won’t get back home until 4’ish. Then an early dinner with Diane and a couple of friends, Paul & Vania.

Saturday morning I promised Diane I’d take her to IHOP for breakfast. I think she’s forgotten so sshhhh it’s a surprise. 😛 That’ll fill me up for most of the day, so I’ll skip lunch and I hope to hit the gym in the afternoon.

Alex will come home to tell me all about some big decisions he’s making lately, then staying for dinner. Dinner will be pizza because it’s Star Trek night. Wo0t! Diane, Alex, Sean, Carmen and their daughter, Patch and Bella, pizza, Star Trek, and commotion. My kind of night. 🙂

Sunday morning, we’re considering an 8:15am bible study, though the time is sort of scary. I get used to being at work at 7:15am every day, but that’s not a weekend. I think there’s a good chance we’ll try it, though.

Sunday afternoon is a church singles Superbowl party. I think I’ll root for the Eagles, mostly because I flew through Philadelphia last week. Is there a better reason to root for a team.

I think Monday morning I’m going to be tired. 🙂

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