WordPress 1.5 "Strayhorn"

Non-techie warning: Chasing the Wind might be offline sporadically tomorrow as I upgrade some software.

Techie warning: WordPress 1.5, “Strayhorn,” was released this week. From your end, not much has changed, but the back end will give me much better tools to kill off spam. Believe you me, deleting 250 pieces of spam one at a time isn’t fun. This new version will make that a whole lot easier. Here’s the quickie rundown on the new software:

* Easier template system
* Gorgeous new default template
* Great comment management
* Refined administration
* Faster, more secure, smaller, cuter, et cetera πŸ˜‰
* Still free as a bird

I don’t anticipate any serious downtime – 15 minutes to do the basic install and be back up and running, but that’s if things go well. Then I expect to take several hours reinstalling plugins and fixing up CSS files. I might add in some new plugins for comments, like spell chack and subscribe via email.

Not today. Tomorrow.


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