Not Interested

At lunch today, I looked for news to blog about about. I found a lot of stuff that doesn’t interest me. So I’m going to blog about that.

  • Paris Hilton. Apparently hackers broke into her Blackberry and posted her address book on the web. Somewhere. All the news is gaga over the fact that Paris knows some famous people. Paris bores me, so this news bores me. She’s a rich socialite that likes to party, zzzzz.
  • Hunter S. Thompson. Some author I’ve never heard of invented a writing style I’ve never heard of and wrote a bunch of stories I’ve never heard of. Apparently he was a mean old depressed man who abused drugs. Somehow that made him famous in a weird counterculture sort of way. Then he killed himself and all the news reports it as news. Zzzzzz.
  • Doug Wead. Apparently he taped George W. Bush in 1998. George Bush said some things that sound a lot like George Bush sounds today. No earth-shattering revelations found in the transcripts. Wead says he didn’t do it for the money, although he does have a book coming out. Zzzzzz.

The most exciting thing today appears to be that it’s President Day that only the post office and banks celebrate. Zzzz.

3 thoughts on “Not Interested

  1. Keep an eye on California’s storms. Some may feel the state is getting it’s due, but people need prayer. The ground is breaking away and no matter how rich you are, when your home and land are both gone, that is a lot.


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