Michael & Diane

The happy couple enters the bar... dangerously close to one another...
It’s amazing what God can do if you lean on him. 🙂

Diane & I divorced eight years ago. I ran off to Singapore to mope and instead found Christ. Turns out He wasn’t lost after all. Studying scripture led me to understand that I was probably going to go solo for the rest of my life. Prayer helped me to be content with that; I bought some Bermuda shorts, some black socks for my sandals. I was going to be fashionable dressed for walking the dog.

I had no idea God was working in Diane’s life at the same time. She found Christ (again, He wasn’t lost), and during a study on forgiveness last year, she called me up. We both recognized this as a wonderful gift and have been working on reconciliation ever since. We’ve spent a lot of time in prayer and study, both together and apart, making sure we were properly discerning God’s will.

Yesterday, I asked Diane to be my wife again, and she’s accepted. I’m not sure which one of us is more excited. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Michael & Diane

  1. Michael: God has blessed me so rightly by bringing you back into my life. I know that because we are rooted in “The Word” and have God as our foundation, we have the promise of a healthy & joyful marriage. I am very happy and at total peace because it was God’s perfect plan, not ours. He has made the way clear and smooth and we have our Church, family, and Church family backing us up with prayers and joyful celebration. How blessed we are and will be. Thanks and praise to our Lord and Savior.


  2. It makes my heart sing to hear of two people reconciling.
    THAT’s the difference Jesus makes and people will sit up and take notice when you tell your story.
    Thanks for sharing. 😀


  3. Thanks for the prayers and wishes, everyone! We have a new beginning, as Alex says… well, technically, it’s actually a new middle, but that makes it too confusing. 😛


  4. This writer is at a loss for words. I’m just overwhelmed by God’s timing. I sense your joy and it just makes me fall down and cry Holy Holy Holy. Kathy


  5. 😀 To God Be The Glory, great things He has done!! I have been sharing your amazing testimony with friends both in church and out, and now I have the “punchline!!” Congratulations to both of you!! May God continue to bless you in mighty ways.


  6. Tal, thanks very much. I enjoyed my days on Lake Superior and will always treasure them. You, my friend, were a large part of a great experience.


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