Lasik Followup

I had a followup checkup for my Lasik surgery. The doctor showed me several lines that were too easy to read, then:

Doc: How about that line?
Me: E-G-H-T
Doc: And this one?
Me: Umm….
Doc: Too hard, huh?
Me: Well, it looks like V-N-O-T to me.
Doc: Wow. That’s because that’s what it is. That’s the 20/10 line, too. And here’s a stack of business cards, tell all your friends where you got that excellent vision. (pause) But don’t tell them their vision will be this good, ok?

I couldn’t be happier with my new, very sharp vision. And yes, I’ll give the doctor a free plug; Dr. Slade and Dr. Baker do excellent work.

3 thoughts on “Lasik Followup

  1. Congrats on your surgery

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