Flavors Ben & Jerry Do Not Make

The Flavor Graveyard is impressive – hundreds of flavors Ben & Jerry don’t make. Flavors like Aloha Macadamia, Bovinity Divinity, Chocolate Orange Fudge, Ethan Almond, Fudge Behaving Badly, Miz Jelena’s Sweet Potato Pie, Rootbeer Float My Boat, Tuskegee Chunk…

You know, I don’t make those flavors of ice cream, either. I don’t put up a website full of things I don’t do. It would be a big website.

Ben & Jerry’s makes some good ice cream. They make lousy politics though. Towing a 12-foot tall effigy of President Bush with flames coming out of his pants will convince me to eat Blue Bell ice cream every time.

If you’re having trouble resisting Ben & Jerry ice cream, may I suggest a Ben & Jerry’s Pint Lock?
I said, stay out of the ice cream!

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