Tuesday, I'm Back

After a four day weekend, I successfully emptied my brain of all knowledge. A walking shell, completely empty. Ready to be filled up again. I hope I refill my brain with better stuff this time. Last time, my brain was filled with cliche’s from the last Airplane! movie with some jingles from old 1970’s cereal commercials. “A is for Apple, J is for Jack, cinnamon toasty Apple Jacks!”

Dang. I didn’t need that added back in there.

Fabulous weekend, by the way. Diane and I toodled off to Kerrville for my niece’s graduation – 6th in her class, lettered in 2 varsity sports, beautiful and elegant.. we just know she must be adopted. She’s off to Baylor with a nice scholarship.

We came back Saturday night; Sunday was a guest speaker at church instead of a lesson on Romans 14 like I was expecting. (Best line from his sermon: “My wife thinks I’m nosey. At least, that’s what she keeps writing in her diary.”)

And then yesterday, a nice BBQ at home with friends. Lots of excellent chicken and steak and devilled eggs and pasta and salad and stuff. We started at 11:30am and didn’t wrap up until almost 7pm, I think.

And now it’s Tuesday, and I’m back. Time to fill my brain with stuff again. 😛

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