A World Where Every Child is Wanted

One way to do that is to abort all the unwanted children. Rather than encourage new ways to love and care for children in our society, Peter Durkin says we should encourage birth control so “every child is wanted, cared for and loved.”

I don’t have any objection to that, and it sounds good on the surface, but who is this Peter Durkin? He’s the president of Planned Parenthood of Houston. Planned Parenthood also want to perform more abortions more effectively, derives 34% of its income from abortions, opposes education about abstinence, and gets all a’twitter about rising abortion rates (login: pphouston, password: pphouston):

Abortion procedures: 2,882 vs. 6,876. This growth in clients is thanks to our Fannin and Bryan staff, our medical director and other staff physicians.

More at Bloghouston.


2 thoughts on “A World Where Every Child is Wanted

  1. It should make you nervous about supporting birth control, by artificial means when this fellow also supports it. Somewhere there is an underlying truth here.


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