Seeing Red

Peggy Noonan has a great article today – how recent comments from Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton alienate Americans. Peggy points out that throughout America, Republicans are friends with Democrats and Democrats are friends with Republicans, and while they differ on issues, they often are polite and respectful to each other. In Washington, though, they don’t associate with each other.

Then she gives the following imaginary speech from George Bush. See if you can imagine the response in the press if Bush actually said this:

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I want to speak this evening about how I see the political landscape. Let me jump right in. The struggle between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party is a struggle between good and evil–and we’re the good. I hate Democrats. Let’s face it, they have never made an honest living in their lives. Who are they, really, but people who are intent on abusing power, destroying the United States Senate and undermining our Constitution? They have no shame.

But why would they? They have never been acquainted with the truth. You ever been to a Democratic fundraiser? They all look the same. They all behave the same. They have a dictatorship , and suffer from zeal so extreme they think they have a direct line to heaven . But what would you expect when you have a far left extremist base? We cannot afford more of their leadership. I call on you to help me defeat them!”

What Peggy has done, of course, is swap “right” with “left” and quoted Hillary Clinton (green) and Howard Dean (purple) from just speeches made in the last month.

Peggy knows what I know: I am not necessarily a Republican. I don’t hold their values. I vote Republican because they hold my values. Rather than simply insulting me for what I believe, if Democrats would try to understand people like me, we could all work for improving the USA, not destroying it.


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