Let the Political Fighting Begin

A vacancy on the Supreme Court:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman on the U.S. Supreme Court and a moderate conservative who often cast the key decisive vote, announced her retirement on Friday, setting the stage for a major political battle over her successor.

The battle lines have been drawn for some time – a conservative majority without backbone versus an obstructionist liberal minority. The fight won’t be pretty – it’s not about just replacing 1 vacant seat. It’s about abortion, eminent domain, affirmative action, freedom of religion, judicial activism, gay marriage and free speech. It’s about everything.

Bush will, of course, appoint a conservative who the Democrats will denounce as “extreme”, then draw out the confirmation process and do their best to tarnish the reputation of the nominee. By the time the Democrats finish with their grandstanding, you will think the nominee ate their own grandmother.

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