What Would Kerry Do?

Seeing as how the Democrats are currently hoping the Iraq War fails:

For a while last week, the Democrats were doing better at framing the issues. The poll numbers showed that Bush’s approval rating was down, that around 60% of the voters had turned against the Iraq War, that support for Bush on his handling of 911 and terrorism was lower, but still pretty high.

* George Lackoff, Berkeley advisor to Democrat Leadership, Huffington Post, June 29, 2005

It’s no surprise that the Democrats are still campaigning against Bush, 7 months after Bush won the 2004 election. After Bush’s rousing speech Tuesday night, instant-poll numbers showed that Americans thought highly of Bush and supportive of the war. So for 3 days the media has been interviewing Democrats in order to depress people about the war. Immediately after George Bush’s speech, John Kerry said this on Larry King Live:

Costas: If you had been elected president last November, by this point what would President John Kerry have done in Iraq?

Kerry: Well, I laid out–you know, I don’t want to get in–I mean, I think that’s not quite the way to go at it.

Well said.


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