Mechanical Investing for July 2005

Investments still improving; would have looked real good this month except for the ABLE and NUE stinkers. Pfft. Ptui. So far, I’m only down -0.6% for the year compared to -4.0% for the Dow.

I’m adjusting the mechanical screens a little since I’m disappointed in the YLDEARNYR screen. I dropped that one and substituted a more risky screen called “Gentle Screamers.”

Holding for another month:

Ticker Bought Now Months Return  
BMHC $55.40 $70.47 2 +27.2% Building Materials Holding Corp. Best stock, 2 months in a row.
LCAV $47.24 $50.35 1 +6.6N/A% LCA Vision Inc. Lasik doctor organization.

Selling these:

Ticker Bought Sold Months Return  
ABLE $21.75 $16.35 1 -24.8% Able Energy Inc. A most monumental failure. Lost nearly a quarter of its value in 1 month. Yuck. Ptui.
AC $47.05 $47.08 3 +0.0% Alliance Capital Management. About as good as putting cash under a mattress for 3 months.
AET $75.60 $83.6614 2 +10.7% Aetna Insurance.
GAP $26.25 $28.59 1 +8.9% Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co Inc.
JCP $51.14 $54.56 1 +6.7% J C Penney
MCK $40.64 $44.95 1 +10.6% McKesson Corp, IT Solutions for healthcare.
MFE $27.55 $26.5 1 -3.8% McAfee. Must have caught a virus.
NUE $57.77 $46.94 3 -18.7% Nucor Corp. This loser convinced me I was done using the YLDEARNYR screen. Pfft. Ptui. The screen says I should hold on to it for yet another month.
PGL $42.81 $44.42 1 +3.8% Peoples Energy Corp. I’m probably going to regret selling this one since it looks like it was doing well.
PLAB $23.59 $24.2301 1 +2.7% Photronics Inc.

New stocks for this month:

Ticker Bought Sold Months Return  
ADCT $21.66 $N/A 0 N/A% ADC Telecommunications.
AQNT $17.78 $N/A 0 N/A% aQuantive Inc., a digital advertising company. I think they’re suing google over click fraud.
CAE $44.24 $N/A 0 N/A% Cascade Corp. Dishwasher soap? Nope, they make attachments that go on fork lifts.
DENN $5.45 $N/A 0 N/A% Denny’s. Yumm.
FTO $31.62 $N/A 0 N/A% Frontier Oil Corp.
KBH $75.20 $N/A 0 N/A% KB Homes again. I lost money on this one back in the spring; would have done better just holding it.
JWN $35.29 $N/A 0 N/A% Nordstrom, Inc., the fashion store. JWN, of course, stands for “Nordstrom,” but using different letters.
LUB $12.23 $N/A 0 N/A% Luby’s. Yumm.
OO $16.87 $N/A 0 N/A% Oakley Inc., the sunglasses manufacturer.
WLDA $12.43 $N/A 0 N/A% World Airways, Inc. They have 12 airplanes!

New options for this month:

Ticker Bought Sold Weeks Return
No new options until October.

The next trade will be August 1st.

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