Spring Ho!

Suddenly, the blog went silent. What happened? Where did Michael go?

I’m back, no worries. I spent the weekend in Lampasas for Spring Ho, a horribly named festival but lots of fun. My brother lives out there. Of course, he’s always been “out there” but this time I went to visit.

Arriving at my brother’s house and petting zoo, we saw sheep and chickens and rabbits and a duck and a burro and cats and dogs and others I’m sure I’ve forgotten. He should charge admission.

And of course his wife stuffed us with home cooking and I think I’m 5 lbs. heavier. At least. Worth every morsel, too.

There was a parade and arts & crafts and a wee church with 26 people in the congregation. I loved every minute of it. Thanks, bro, for showing us a redneck good time! 🙂


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