Appraisal Cap Progress, HB 1984

Dwayne Bohac, Texas state representative and supporter is making progress in capping appraisals. He introduced Texas House Bill HB 1984 that will show each homeowner how their property taxes have risen in the last 5 years. It’s the first step to making this “taxation creep” apparent to taxpayers.

It’s a good first step. By this time next year, expect homeowners across the state to be pitching a fit when they get their notices.


2 thoughts on “Appraisal Cap Progress, HB 1984

  1. I am excited about Bohac’s new 5-year appraisal law because it will help people see how ridiculous appraisal creep is getting. Maybe then more folks will support a lower cap. Speaking of Bohac, he is asking readers to join the “Perry Alliance Network” to support Governor Perry because of his strong support of a lower appraisal cap. Thought I would pass along the link.


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