Embrace Good; Resist Evil

Whew. Yesterday’s topic on “Progressive Christians” stirred up some passions. I was going to make a post today about how as a Christian we should always embrace good and always abhor evil. You cannot simply embrace the good alone; you must resist evil. If it’s immoral, oppose it.

I had some vague idea about some sort of 9/11 imagery of complacent, good Americans attacked by evil, but didn’t get too far with that idea. Partly because every comparison I made in my brain came out offensive, and partly because my brain is all worn out today. I think it needs an oil change.

So instead of an eloquent post urging us to always do good and always resist evil, here’s a picture of a monkey playing golf.

Seven-year-old trained chimpanzee, Rudi, pretends to play golf during 'the animal wonder stage' at the Everland in Yongin, about 50 km (31 miles) south of Seoul, July 6, 2005. South Korea's major amusement park Everland launched a new animal show on July to attract more guests. REUTERS/You Sung-Ho

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