Haphazard Posting

Stephen the Redneck Blogger will be filling in yet again for me over the next month. Give him a hand, but make sure he washes it first if he’s been playing with his animals.

I don’t know how accessible I’ll be over the next month – I have 3 separate business trips planned for Duisberg, Germany. My company has provided me with a laptop, but I may be limited to dialup only. The laptop has no wireless card (yet) and the hotel is wireless only.

I have lots of things coming up, including spilling the details (and asking for prayers) for an upcoming Kenya Mission trip my wife and I are involved in. And I’ve already queued up a post for the national holiday on Monday (ha!) that’ll be fun.

I’ll post when I can. (Er, and I won’t post when I can’t.) 😛

6 thoughts on “Haphazard Posting

    I vote for purple or pink (unless it’s a boy, then you may reconsider the pink – we wouldn’t want to traumatize to poor duck or give it an identity crisis).


  2. The duck is a girl. I know this because she started to lay eggs. Mike would of started asking questions if I didn’t explain how I knew it was a female. 😀


  3. This is really cool… Are you becoming attached to my specific aunt Sorry, for off top, i wanna tell one joke) What did the big chimney say to the small chimney? You’re too young to be smoking.


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