Kenya Mission Trip

Kenya Mission Trip - December 2005God has been begun preparing me to be a part of an upcoming mission trip; I want to experience first-hand the needs of another culture and to help evangelize our lost world.

Our mission group is scheduled to depart for Africa by the end of this year 2005. We have been preparing and planning for this trip since February, and I’m very excited about this opportunity God has placed in my path.

Some of our work will be focused on addressing the medical needs of the people of the villages of Kijabe and Kitale in Kenya. Kijabe people suffer from malaria, typhoid, AIDS, and malnutrition. Out team will provide both medical care and community health education in Kijabe. In addition to medical care, we will have a number of chances to share our faith, both individually and in larger groups.

My role on the team will be one of helping in community education and evangelization. I’m not a doctor – nor do I play one on TV – but on a trip like this, everyone has a role to play.

I will need both prayer and financial support. The cost of the trip is approximately $3,000 each for both me and Diane. We’re contributing $1,000 each from our own savings, and the mission team has asked that we raise the rest as we enlist others on our prayer team. Even if you are not able to contribute financially, I would really appreciate your prayers as part of my prayer and support team.

E.M. Bounds in his work “My Utmost for His Highest” wrote, “Prayer is not preparation for the battle, it is the battle.” I am asking for a commitment from you to pray for me and the team as we head out, minister there, and return.

The cost of this trip is substantial, but I believe this is God’s will. If He has placed this need on your heart, please consider joining me in proclaiming Christ in Kenya. I’ve added a Paypal donation link on the sidebar; if you’d like to make your contribution tax deductable, just respond in the comments and I’ll contact you by email for mailing instructions.

Thanks for praying about this.

In Him,

P.S. Of course you can forward this to all your friends. Please email and pray.

4 thoughts on “Kenya Mission Trip

  1. 😀 I recently returned from the Kijabie area a want to say that it is a beautiful place. I went with a group of 18 college students to West Pokot and made a short stop to Kijabie and Tenwick Hospital. The hearts of the people in that area are beautiful and will inspire you to love. I pray that God provides all your needs and keeps you safe as you serve Him. Thanks for all you do for Him.


  2. Michael and Diane,

    Let me get this right. You want me to give you money so you can go to another culture and try to convince other people that their values are wrong if they are not Christian? Who or what gives us the right to assume that we know better than they? Go to Kenya but try to learn about yourself by looking at how other cultures view the world. Especially try to understand why so many societies see us as arrogant because we think we know better about their existence than they do.

    I’ve been to Kenya three times. Each time I learned more about myself by learning about them without making judgements.


    Gordon Owens


  3. Well, no, Gordon. I’m not asking *you*. 😛

    Far be it from me to convince somebody else “their values are wrong.” But sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is what we are called to do as Christians. If we know Christ is our living savior, why *wouldn’t* we want to share it? It would be selfish to withhold that information.

    And if you’ve been to Kenya, you know that their country is 85% Christian already. Perhaps you’re confusing our peaceful mission trip (washing orphans, helping a medical clinic, attending their church and praying with them, and exemplifying a life of Christ) with… what? Spanish conquistadors?

    We have no intention of going anywhere and making judgements. That wouldn’t be Christian. We’ll be going to share our joy in Christ.


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