Down Time

A lot to do this weekend so posting will be even slower then normal without Michael around. My son is home from Iraq this week and we are going fishing this weekend. Sunday, we head out for east Texas to help family with repairs from the hurricane. Hopefully Michael can post a few the first of the week to take up some dead WWW.
Just so that you feel like you have not wasted your time coming here today, here is a picture of my step sisters dog napping.

4 thoughts on “Down Time”

  1. I may have trouble sleeping tonight.

    I don’t blame you, bro. Spend time with your son; I wish I could see him. Tell him Uncle Mike is very proud of him, too.

    I’ll try to post in the evenings. I have a few days of downtime coming; I’m thinking of a day trip to Heidelberg to see a castle. I need some other ideas though; this little town of Duisburg is getting small.


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