Bird Flu

I’m having trouble getting interested in this story. Somehow, I think it’s sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.

If the virus spreads and if the virus mutates and if that mutation is harmful to humans and if that mutation can spread through casual contact, then we are all doomed.

Too many ifs to warrant a solid week of news coverage, if you ask me.

One thought on “Bird Flu

  1. It’s a slow week.

    Kyoto’s dead, so we won’t all succumb to global warming.
    We are winnning the war on terror in Afghanistan an against all those volunteering for martyrdom in Iraq. so the jihad won’t kill us.
    Meteors from space has already been done.
    Coronal mass ejections are too hard to learn about.
    Lead/arsenic in the drinking water is old hat…

    The Panic de Jour isn’t up to snuff. We need some new threat to humanity so that the liberals can save us from ourselves….


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