Ronnie Earle vs. Tom Delay

Now, in the Ronnie Earle vs. Tom DeLay, Earle’s playing dirty. My prediction is that it will cost Earle his job eventually.

This “playing hardball” tactic is going to backfire on Earle eventually. It always does. DeLay hasn’t been convicted (almost wasn’t even indicted until Earle shopped for a more sympathetic grand jury), and DeLay is still a United States Senator and should be treated with respect. Earle’s trying to get a photo op by arresting DeLay, booking him and fingerprinting him.

It’s not like nobody knows who DeLay is or that DeLay might run. I suspect the two Secret Service agents following him around know where DeLay is.

And if you’re a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth liberal that wants to see DeLay embarrassed as much as possible, consider the reversal: would you have also supported booking Bill Clinton, fingerprinting him and taking a mug shot when Republicans were after him?

4 thoughts on “Ronnie Earle vs. Tom Delay”

  1. Not just rapid, foaming at the mouth liberals who would like to see DeLay kicked out of office forever. Many of the conservative, strongly Republican native Sugar Landians would like that as well.


  2. Earle did this to Kay Bailey Hutchinson, too,- twice- and she beat him! Looks like he’s out to get any Republican from Texas that he can. He wants to make a ‘name’ for himself, and, in my book, he has, but not the one he would prefer, perhaps!


  3. Courtney’s missed the point. The rabid liberals not only want him out of office but also want him embarrassed as much as possible to the point to gleefully hoping for a fingerprint / mugshot photo opportunity.

    And Barb, I remember his case against Kay Bailey Hutchinson was one of the shortest trials ever, thrown out almost immediately for lack of evidence. Do you recall if Earle tried to get Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s mug shot, too?


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