Barbra Streisand Shows She Misunderstands the Constitution

I’m about to enter a period of extended hours at work, so I’m going to flood y’all with opinions today. 🙂

Barbra Streisand is calling for the impeachment of President Bush.

If there was ever a time in history to impeach a President of the United States, it would be now. In my opinion, it is two years too late. We should have done this before the election to spare the country the misjudgment, the incompetence and the malfeasance of this administration.

A couple of questions for the politically inept Barbra:

  • Did you know your first name is misspelled?
  • Wait, here’s a better question: to impeach somebody, there must have been a law broken. Bush hasn’t been indicted for anything, nor is there any hint an indictment is on the way. What law do you think Bush broke?
  • Clinton committed perjury. Now there’s something impeachable. Did you support the impeachment of Bill Clinton?
  • Why don’t you allow comments on your website?

I understand you’re disgruntled, Ms. Streisand. But “Disgruntling Barbra Streisand” isn’t an impeachable offense.

Thank god the media and the American public are finally waking up and asking the tougher questions now.

It’s the Almighty God with a capital “G”, Ms. barbra with a small “b”. And these “tougher questions” have been asked ever since we toppled Saddam Hussein and answered several times. Thank God that you’re not in charge of our judicial system where officials can be impeached for disagreeing with you.

4 thoughts on “Barbra Streisand Shows She Misunderstands the Constitution

  1. I had a sister-in-law named Barbra, spelled the same way. My brother (not the one married to her) used to joke it was the two things my brother (the one married to her) was always trying to get into….


  2. Ms. Streisand has no basis for her accusations against President Bush. Time and again she makes inflammatory remarks to incite others but provides no proof, evidence or factual writings to back up her tirades. She’s merely behaving like the victims she plays in the majority of her movies and expresses through the majority of her songs.

    Further, as many scientists that seem to be endorsing the idea that global warming is causing these severe storms as of late, that many have disputed it, as well. Oddly, we are in a 30-40 year cycle, as some scientists believe, so there goes that theory.

    Lastly, I agree, if she really had guts she would allow responses to her blog on her website. I understand you don’t want to post inappropriate language, but she needs to face the facts, her time in the spotlight has faded, she is not as popular as once revered and it’s time to step aside. Look at her recent album, it took weeks before it even went gold and it still hasn’t even reached 1 million in sales, which speaks volumes.

    Ms. Streisand: yes, you were very talented, you had a great voice, you did some great movies, great albums, great television and I even had the pleasure of seeing you in concert during your 1994 tour, but your role of “victim” is tired. You are clearly uninformed about politics, you continue to surround yourself and listen to only those that are in a victim role, as well and these people do not support you developing your thoughts.

    Democracy is a great endeavor. This country was founded through the hardship of war as will be Iraq and other countries as they continue to create freedom and the ability to live as you live here in these United States. If you are against the war in Iraq and any force that creates the opportunity for freedom, democracy, trade and economic development, then you Ms. Streisand are a racist.

    Those seeking these freedoms are human beings, not Iraqi’s, not this or that race, they are human beings and deserve this opportunity. Racism is ugly and you seem to be at the forefront of keeping others down, all the while living quite well, I’m sure.


  3. I’m not sure when we decided that movie stars were to be respected for their political views. One thing has nothing to do with the other. While Streisand has surprised me by her way-left views, Bruce Willis surprised me this weekend with his political right views. Hard to tell books from their covers.


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