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The Ultimate Cat Toy

Well… I guess I’m taking over while my dad is away this weekend. Just so I have something to entertain myself, and possibly the rest of you, I pose to thee a question of epic proportions. What is the ultimate cat toy?

Personally, I find a good laser pointer to be quite enjoyable. Place a mirror right next to a window and a corner and prop up a chair in the middle of the room. I have spent hours (well, maybe minutes) enticing the kittens my friend has to chase this little red dot across the rug just so I can shine it through the mirror and watch them bounce off the previously clean, reflective surface.

The same principle applies to windows. Just make sure said window is open first.

What is your ultimate cat toy?

9 responses to “The Ultimate Cat Toy”

  1. Don’t think there is much that can top the laser light effect, but I’ve always enjoyed the “kitten in a paper bag” effect – an open empty grocery bag seems to be irresistable to them.

    Or the plastic ring from the cap of a gallon of milk, especially on a tile floor. Priceless.


  2. Well, I *meant* for next month’s Kenya trip, but I appreciate the enthusiasm. 🙂

    Try a little ball of scotch tape with the sticky side out. Cats swat at the tape and it gets stuck.


  3. I’ll have to give those a try.

    Have you tried taking a normal cat toy that one cat is obsessed with and tieing it to the collar of another cat?


  4. That seems like a recipe for disaster, or at least bloodshed…..


  5. Found someone else looking for the same answers: And You Thought You Were Cranky


  6. I’m going to tie a milk ring to the ceiling fan now…


  7. My favorite cat toy is an angry, large dog.


  8. 🙄 i guess my favorite cat toy is my other cat. i laugh so hard i cry when they attack eachother…..until i eventually have to pull out a squirt bottle and spray them with water…. 🙄


  9. cruel 😈


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