Christian Carnival Blogroll and RSS Feed

I’ve created a Christian Carnival Blogroll; you can see it in my sidebar. I’m setting this up to make it easier to find past Carnivals and always have the latest post available; there’s also an RSS Feed so when a new Christian Carnival is up, you’ll know it and where to find it.

Some things I’m still pondering:
a) something like this may already exist and I just can’t find it;
b) if there’s a list of all the Christian Carnival posts somewhere to help me finish out the blogroll;
c) if somebody has an icon they can develop or donate to make out blogroll pretty; 🙂
d) “0088 Christian Carnival LXXXVIII” is too long for most sidebars (including mine). Should I drop the Roman numerals?
d) anything else?

In the meantime, feel free to use the following two links:

Blogrolling Code:
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

As an RSS Feed:

Update: Here’s what it’ll look like:
(You’ll have to remove the space in the and

P.S. I’d appreciate your comments here. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Christian Carnival Blogroll and RSS Feed

  1. Update: I forgot to mention the Christian Carnival blogroll, which is older but has continued to be updated during the transition. It’s a nice way to have the recent carnivals appear in your blogroll automatically.


  2. I like the idea and already put the blogroll at Thought Renewal. You’ll have to research the whole list, I don’t know of a complete listing of Christian Carnival. Start with Dory at Wittenberg Gate. Best wishes. lgp


  3. This sounds like a good idea, but then I’m fairly new to the blogosphere. Is this different from the cumulative list of Carnivals posted at the Wittenberg Gate? It will automatically update?


  4. Whew, from the first few email responses, I didn’t think there was any interest. 😛

    Lyn, thanks for the encouragement, I’ll get it updated today. 🙂

    Matt, others emailed me your website, too, and that’s a fine reference list you’ve created. I didn’t want to duplicate your efforts, but I didn’t know you had created a list. Oh, and I have to keep the “0088” in there for sorting purposes. I can sort by “priority” but then I have to renumber all the links every week once there are 100 posts. With the number, I can sort alphabetically. I’ll check today to see if there’s another way around that.

    Kim – the nice thing about a blogroll is that your site will automatically lists the new Christian Carnival posts every week. Once you get it installed in your sidebar, you don’t have to do anything. 🙂


  5. […] It is time once again for the ever popular Christian Carnival! This week rev-ed over at Attention Span has done a lovely job of bringing Christian posts from around the blogosphere to Christian Carnival XCIX! Stop of and see what is happening this week. If you would like to read up on some previous posts and entries, please stop by my Christian Carnival Archive. Chasing the Wind has also created a blogroll script that you can use to easily link to recent Carnival posts. […]


  6. Thanks, John. I’m traveling on business this week so a little slow keeping the blogroll up. Taking care of it now.

    D’oh. I see it now, I skipped one.


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