Still Boycotting Winter Holiday

I’m still boycotting the neopagan Winter Holiday, whatever that is.

For this next year, I’m taking it one step further. Listen up schools, businesses, and retail stores: Christmas is a federal holiday, an official United States holiday. If you can’t acknowledge that it’s Christmas, I want nothing to do with you. I will assume that you are not only antagonistic toward Christians but that you are unpatriotic as well. I plan on making a list and checking it twice, then posting it here.

Other religions are great, have at them. Feel free to to wish a Happy Hannnukah, Kwazy Kwanza, whatever you want. But if you exclude Christmas, I’ll exclude you.

4 thoughts on “Still Boycotting Winter Holiday”

  1. I actually declared war on Christmas, myself. I didn’t want to be seen as riding the fence. 😈

    Retailers aren’t interested in honoring or dishonoring Christmas, merely selling as much stuff to as many people as possible. If they can do that by making a big deal over the Feast of the Incarnation, they will. If they can do that by not saying the C-word, they will.


  2. Christmas ROCKS!! I like the argument. I will say and do EVERYTHING in my worldly power to emphasize, exercise, commerize (spelling?) Merry Christmas…JUST WATCH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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