Don't Click It

Just don’t click it.

This was a very interesting experiment for me since I seem to be developing some tendenitis in my right forefinger I use for clicking. A web-design interface with no clicking is appealing, though trying to teach computer-challenged people how to use it might be difficult.

2 thoughts on “Don't Click It

  1. I gave up the traditional mouse years ago. I found the trackball explorer more friendly to my hand, less painful tendons, etc.

    It took about 6 hours of use to get used to moving the ball and clicking with your thumb.

    I don’t think programs like Autocad could live without the click. Even without the click, we are all still going to be inputting text with keyboards.



  2. I confess, I miss the click. Well…it’s not that I miss the click, but that I find the screen changing when I simply move over an option really, really annoying.

    The “swirly select” wasn’t bad but I could see it causing wrist pain after a while.

    I started getting bad tendonitis in my forefinger as well; I finally figured out it was the trackwheel.


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