Snail Mail Spam

Capital One sends me an offer for credit by mail. Every. Single. Day.

You’d think after I ignored the first 5,367 solicitations they’d figure out I’m not interested.

The ones that bug me the most are the ones where they trick me by pretending to be something important. One of the offers this week was in a brown envelope and disguised as a W-2 Form for taxes.

Note to Capital One: Even if I decided to apply for credit, what makes you think I’d do business with a company that uses deceptive practices to get my attention? Shouldn’t a bank company be somebody I can trust?

6 thoughts on “Snail Mail Spam”

  1. Me too. And yeah, I got the brown envelope. Yesterday they disguised it as one of the proxy voting things from E*Trade. Stealth mail is not my deal… and why, when I already HAVE one of their cards, do they relentlessly badger me to take another? It’s enough to make me cancel the one I have. 😡


  2. I protest these by stuffing the offers from one company into the envelope of another – and sending it back on their pre-postage-paid dime.

    The Post Office makes a few cents and, hopefully, the credit card companies mass mail dumping tactics become a little less cost effective. Maybe if enough people do it they will consider a more targeted method.

    Or maybe not.


  3. I stuff their stuff right back in the pre-paid envelope and mail it back to them. Just trying to support my local post office and I would have to pay my trash service to pick it up.
    How much lower could they get their rates if they stopped send out all that junk mail.


  4. Capital One letter suggested that, if you don’t want to get their letters, you could Opt-Out using one of the services of Experian and the other two alike companies. However This would block ALL the mail from any company that uses those services to get info and send you some offer. I just want to stop these [censored] from filling my mail box every day. Is there something that can be done to block just mails from them?


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