Cartoon Violence Continues

I’m amazed at the violence from the Muslim world. I don’t think they’re convincing me they’re not a violent religion.

I certainly understand their anger. When Christians get upset, we write letters. Storming an embassy looking for infidels to kill? I don’t recall Christians doing that.

But for goodness sake, they’re cartoons. There is hypocrasy on both sides. There are editors in the northeast that are saying the cartoons should never have been published because they were offensive, yet these same editors saying that Christians shouldn’t get upset about “art” showing the Virgin Mary covered in dung. Are they for or against being offensive? It appears they’re selectively being offensive.

And the Muslims outrage over cartoons. Perhaps I could be more sympathetic if I saw the same sort of outrage over the beheadings.

4 thoughts on “Cartoon Violence Continues

  1. Maybe, if it was Doonesbury.

    Seriously, I am being asked by the muslim objectors to give up my freedom of expression to soothe their sensibilities. Meanwhile, I am subjected to sacreligious or blasphemous actions that the muslims protray about other religions – Christianity, and especially Judaism. Perhaps the hypocracy is a bit too much.

    To capitulate to the demands of the offended is to base society’s compact on the whims of the intolerant.

    We have seen this recently with the Taliban, and I am sure more abuses are rampant in other muslim countries. For a link on the barbarism this appeasement produces, go to:

    A site documenting the the atrocities against women in Afghanistan.


  2. The fact that they are using a months old cartoon to excuse behavior they indulge in consistently… Well, nothing much has changed, has it?


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