Mainstream Media Sour Grapes

Amazing. The mainstream media criticized Dick Cheney for not releasing information on this weekend’s shooting fast enough (even though it appears quick enough to me), then criticized him when the news was released to a local Texas newspaper instead of the gaggle of Washington reporters. Now they’re critical of him because he chose to release the information via FoxNews:

But some Democrats and competing broadcasters charged that Cheney chose to speak only with Fox News because of a perception that the cable channel is sympathetic to the Republican administration. They called for the vice president to hold a news conference with the rest of the media.

Duh. Do ya think? The mainstream media is almost gleeful that they’re wondering when the VP will be charged for something from this hunting accident (no kidding, one of the reporters actually asked the White House spokeman, “Would this be much more serious if the man had died?”), and they wonder why Cheney talks to somebody “fair and balanced” instead? I’m glad Cheney stiffed them. Let the antagonistic reporters read about the news in the other guy’s papers.

Update: Excellent commentary at Wizbang on the same subject.

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