No Longer Googling

No longer googling.

From Google’s leftist leanings (98% of their contributions go to Democrats) to their support of Chinese censorship, I need a new search engine.

I’ve switched to It’s owned by, you can earn credit on Amazon stuff, and it’s easier to type.

5 thoughts on “No Longer Googling

  1. Nothing like teaching a class and finding out that the long hair and hoodie are hiding musical earplugs. I can’t believe they aren’t waiting to hang on every word I have to say about…algebra. šŸ˜€ Anyway, Michael over atChasing the Wind has switched from Google to Amazon’s new web search after Google’s approach to the whole Chinese censorship issue. A9 seems pretty OK, thus reinforcing my appreciation for the Amazon.


  2. With you, bro.

    Death to liberals…..or at least a really good hammering on their profits.

    I consider them the Wal-Mart of the internet. yechh.


  3. I was doing a little Spring cleaning by going through old comments and trackbacks. I noticed that you linked to my site with “support of Chinese censorship”. That post was not in support of censorship. The purpose of my post was to show how misspellings cause very different search results and show how bias the JunkYardBlog was when reporting on this story. The JunkYardBlog pulled information out of the Google search engine that supported his story and disregarded some pretty impressive search results that show the Good News of Jesus Christ is getting into China via Google’s search engine.

    Now to the root of your post. Let me make sure I get this right. You switched from Google to A9 because Google employees pumped in 98% of their $207,650 political giving into democratic campaigns. Right? Did you know that until recently A9 was powered by Google? Now A9 has switched to Microsoft’s search engine technology. According to the article you linked to in this post, Microsoft giving to democratic campaigns far outweighed Google’s giving to liberal campaigns. The article says, “Microsoft workers and its political action committee gave $3.1 million last year; 60% to Democrats.” If my math is correct, Microsoft employees gave about $1.8 million to Democrats which is almost nine time the dollar amount that Google employees gave (Approx. $202,000). So that means that if 53% of the $25 million from the industry went to democrats, then Microsoft employees were responsible for over 10% of the total democratic campaign support from this industry as a whole.

    It did not take me long to realize that I was going to have to move to the mountains and live like Grizzle Adams if I were going to avoid spending my money with companies who either directly support or predominately employ supporters of things that are contrary to my beliefs. I was driving myself nuts trying to figure out who to boycott next. I would encourage you to do your best to avoid openly supporting those who fund anti-Christian movement, but don’t get to caught up in it. There’s plenty of work to do elsewhere winning souls for our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I like your blog. I will return.

    Hank O

    PS: Here’s a URL for a story on the Amazon A9 switch to Microsoft if you are interested:


  4. Hank, thanks for the comment. I didn’t mean to imply you were supporting censorship, only that there was evidence that Google was participating with the Chinese government in censoring Christian website. I appreciate your challenge to that assertion.

    The Google employees you mention include the founders. When you include political action committees, Google’s political contributions are far more lopsided toward Democrats, $463,500 to Democrats vs. $5000 to Republicans. And while I am often at odds with Republicans on immigration and fiscal spending, Democrats seem to oppose almost everything I support. While Microsoft gave more to Democrats, it was offset by contributions to Republicans.

    I don’t spend a lot of time figuring out who to boycott next, but when given a reasonable option of choice, I’ll choose the one less damaging to what I believe in.

    I’m glad you came to visit. Come back soon. šŸ™‚


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